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Achieve Flawless Decking This Summer

Here are some handy tips to achieve flawless decking:

Step One

First of all, your decking needs to be free from dust, dirt, mildew and other debris. You can remove these contaminants by using a stiff brush. Once your decking has been cleared you will now need to clean the surface.

Step Two

Use a highly effective decking cleaner to restore your decking to its natural appearance. The cleaner will remove moss and mould, leaving your decking clean and revived. Immediately after applying the product, begin to scrub the surface with a stiff brush, removing all dirt and mould from the area. Let the cleaner stand for 20 minutes, before washing it away with either a pressure washer or a hose pipe.

Step Three

In order to give your decking a flawless finish, coat the decking in oil. Decking oil is specially designed to offer protection and staining all in one application. The oil helps resist flaking and peeling and stops the timber splitting and cracking. Decking treatment oil can also be used on other garden furniture such as sheds and fences, creating a superior finish. Decking care is available in various colours such as: County Pine, Rosewood, Dark Oak, Cedar Red and Clear.

Step Four

The oil will also protect your patio from harmful UV rays and will prevent your decking against mould and fungal growth.

You can apply the oil with either a brush or a roller, whatever you find easiest. Make sure that you stir the oil thoroughly before applying it to the decking.

Dip your brush or roller into the oil and make sure that it is covered evenly.

Apply with even strokes starting from the furthest corner, pushing or pulling your brush or roller in the direction of the woodgrain.

To achieve even coatings smooth the treatment over 3-4 boards at a time to avoid overlapping.

Repeat this twice to achieve clean and flawless decking.

Treatment should be applied at least once a year to help maintain the original appearance of the decking.