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Read More About Building Design for Summer – 10 Amazing Summer Building Plans

Building Design for Summer – 10 Amazing Summer Building Plans

Categories: Home Inspiration

Summer is a great time to make additions to your property. With good weather, extra time on people’s hands and more money to play with, it’s also a time to unleash a certain degree of creativity on your property. Allowing yourself the opportunity to let go slightly when it comes to building design, you would be amazed at the possible results. In this article, we look at 10 amazing building designs for summer and the ways they could benefit your home life.


Firepits are becoming increasingly popular - and are a great addition to the garden - a fire being able to be lit without ruining the garden. They're also relatively cheap and easy to build - great for socialising in the evening, or even cooking with the right equipment.

patio extension


Patio Extension

Your home space doesn't have to stop at the edge of the four walls of your house. Creating and extending your outside patio can add a lot to your home, and allow larger socialising and gathering opportunities during the summer.

sun room construction

Roof Terrace

What could be more perfect than a roof terrace? Especially in a city, space on your roof if you have it can be infinitely customisable and designed to suit your needs. Great for socialising and fantastic for watching the world go by.

modern loft design

Swimming Pool

It is understandably many people's dream is to have a swimming pool installed in their house - and during the warmer summers we've been having recently you can understand why. There are plenty of designs to choose from, and although they're expensive the amount they add to the house in terms of value can't be underestimated. 

As you can see from the picture below, you don't just have to stick with indoor swimming pools in a conservatory - outdoor and wild swimming in the garden has become a lot more popular and many people these days are opting for a garden pool.

swimming pool contemporary design


Exterior Sheds/Summer Houses

Sometimes, if you have a garden, the additions you want to make to your property during the summer tends to be outside. Exterior rooms and summer houses add an awful lot to a property - and can be made into almost anything you want - from kitchens and sitting rooms to offices and games rooms.

Build a Sun Room

If you have a house that doesn’t seem to get the sun, or only benefits from it at a certain time of the day, consider building a small extension that can act as a sunroom. If it’s small enough, it’s a good chance to add something to your house without getting planning permission.

stylish kitchen interior

Adding Extra Windows

It might be an expense, but it's one that will not only change the appearance of a property but how it feels to live in. Adding value, light and sense of space is a great way to spend your summer if you're thinking of extending your house. 

windows for natural light

Self–Sufficiency and Solar Panels

Summer is a great time to look at how you’re using energy – and think about potential opportunities to increase your self-sufficiency, not only helping your carbon emissions output but also saving money in the process.

eco-friendly design

More Planting

One option is that you can always extend the planting in your garden - creating extra beds and thereby increasing wildlife and plant activity in your outside space.
summer plants to add colour

Install Night Lighting

The right light, inside or out, can transform an area. If done properly it can also feel warm, summery and welcoming. Lanterns, for example, are perfect for hanging in trees if you're hosting outside. 
night lighting in garden terrace
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