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Condensation Cures

Categories: Home Inspiration

Curing mould on non-absorbent surfaces

For those who are experiencing mould on internal walls, including kitchens and bathrooms where condensation is most likely to occur, Multicide is a highly-effective cure to treat fungi, mould and algae problems. Multicide is a water based product that ensures lasting protection against fungi, mould and algae problems. Although the product is tough and effective, it leaves no stains or deposits and can be used on the most delicate of surfaces. To prevent further outbreaks of mould and algae, you can use the product on clean surfaces to ensure mould cannot grow and thrive. Multicide is not just for indoor use, it can also be used on timber as a preservative against wood rotting fungi. It is one of the most useful products for condensation control.

Curing black mould on walls and ceilings

Ideal for protecting against unsightly and unhygienic black mould, anti- mould paint is the perfect solution. Guaranteeing premium quality and lasting-effects, this low odour paint combines modern paint technology with highly advanced biocides. You may be thinking, what does this mean? Well, both the anti-mould biocide and the anti-mould paint are combined in the paint film which makes the product tough, elastic, water resistant and durable. The paint is washable and relieves the effects of condensation once the paint has dried out.

Cleansing internal and external surfaces

This mould wash is a concentrated fungicidal solution that can be used to cure mould fungi, algae and mildew on a variety of surfaces including, tiles, wood and painted surfaces. The product contains biocide and is used mainly to cleanse surfaces before Antimould paint and Anticondensation applications are applied. Users often use the wash to get rid of flaking wood, paint and mould. By using this product it ensures you have a smooth and clean surface to treat, reducing the any further outbreaks.

Precautions against condensation

These are all treatments to effectively eliminate your problems associated with condensation; however there are precautions you can take to reduce the likeliness of condensation occurring in your home. Home ventilation systems are designed to provide a continuous air change, replacing stale and humid air with fresh and clean air. This continuous air exchange will ensure that condensation and mould growth problems will not grow and thrive. Home ventilation systems also fight against health risks associated with condensation. Fresh, filtered air will reduce the risk of allergies and asthma which are the most common risks caused by condensation problems.