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How damp proof membranes can help combat rising damp

Categories: ROOT

How do I know if my property is suffering from damp?

A rising damp problem is relatively easy to spot. Ground water contains sulphates, nitrates and chloride and once the water has dried, these chemicals leave a residue behind in the form of salts. If your property is suffering from rising damp, you will notice a line of white salt known as a tide mark showing how far the moisture has risen within your wall. This salt contamination within the plaster work will remain in the wall even if the rising damp dries out.

How to remove the salt contamination from the wall?

It is important when treating rising damp to firstly stop the damp rising by installing a new damp proof course. Once this has been installed successfully it is then important to remove all plaster work back to the original masonry up to 1.2m or 500mm above the last signs of damp. Once this salt contaminated plaster work has been removed it is important to use one of two methods to make sure the salts do not come back during the drying out period. Firstly re-rendering with Permaproof water proofer/ salt inhibitor, simply add this chemical into a 3-1 sand and cement mix as stated in the technical data sheet to produce a water and salt resistant barrier which will stop salts contaminating any new plaster work. Secondly you can use what is known as damp proofing membranes.

What are damp proof membranes?

Damp proofing membranes are one of the most reliable solutions to cure damp problems, made from a thin sheet of HPDE with 3mm dimples in it which create a small cavity against the building substrate. The damp proofing membrane is mechanically fixed onto the affected wall to create a permanent barrier against damp and salts. This damp proofing membrane can be either rendered or plaster board can be dot and dab fixed to the surface.

Why choose a damp proof membrane?

Damp proof membranes are extremely versatile and can be used virtually on any surface. They act as an impenetrable barrier for damp and salt, providing your property with long-lasting protection from damp problems. Membranes can be used to speed up remedial and redecoration work, and as soon as they are installed they can be decorated. Another advantage is that they can actually increase the insulation of a room.

Contact us with any queries or worries you have regarding your damp proof problem. We have a variety of damp proof membranes available, so get in touch today.