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How damp proofing can save you money

Categories: Damp Proofing

Below are three damp proofing techniques which can all actively save you money this winter. Take a look at our three options and see which method best suits your damp problem. 

Damp proof membranes

Damp proofing membranes will effectively reduce your heating bills because they eliminate moisture seeping into the building’s interior, drying out damp walls or floors. As a result, the building’s internal structures will become better insulators, enabling the property to retain much of its heat. Homeowners will be able to use less energy to keep their properties warm, which leads to lower heating costs.

Cementitious tanking systems

These systems are designed specifically to make homes warmer, waterproof and habitable. Tanking systems are most commonly used for basement waterproofing. Permagard’s cementitious tanking is made of an acrylic polymer which imparts improved strength, bonding and abrasion resistance. Once the solution has hardened it becomes a vapour permeable and water pressure tight coating. Basements act as a heat and moisture barrier between the ground and living spaces on upper levels which therefore helps save heating costs. Basements also make great living accommodation, adding value to your home.

Ventilation systems

Properties suffer from condensation because of poor ventilation. The most common poorly ventilated properties are flats with little or no garden space, due to tenants being unable to dry their washing outside. When moist air comes into contact with air at lower temperature mould begins to materialise. Mould infestations tend to thrive in winter as tenants are reluctant to open their windows preventing any fresh air ventilating the property.

The Nuaire Drimaster significantly reduces the risk of condensation as tenants do not need to keep their windows open as it exchanges stale air with fresh filtered air. Homeowners will not need to keep their heating on for long periods of time to compensate for the heat lost through open windows, allowing homeowners to save energy costs.

Using the latest energy saving technology, the ventilator is powered by an Ultra Low Watt, ensuring maximum ventilation for minimum energy consumption.

For more information on damp proofing, contact us, or simply view our extensive list of damp proofing products online.