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How does the Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Pump System work?

The Perma-Seal Sump and Pump system has a HDPE sump chamber, a locking access cover (pedestrian duty), a powerful waste water submersible pump, all internal pipe work and shut off valves (50mm high pressure) and a high water level alarm system.

While both the sump and pump systems are available separately, a dual pump system is available which allows for continual pumping in the event of failure of the first pump. Built with the same components as the separate systems, the dual pump system has additional adapted pipework to run both pumps. You can view the Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Pump Dual system on our website.

The Perma-Seal High Level Alarm is activated with high-levels of water are detected in the pump system. The alarm will sound when the water rises above the normal operating level within the tank.

The alarm will automatically reset once the alarm has sounded. There is a mute button on the alarm’s front face which will silence the alarm after the issue has been discovered. The red flashing light will remain flashing once the alarm has been muted.

Is the Sump and Pump system noisy?

The Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Pump system will be installed beneath your basement flooring. The system is designed to operate quietly, but effectively.

Does the Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Pump system need servicing?

The system will need to be checked every quarter within the first year, however after this time the system will need to be checked annually.

Would the Sump and Pump system still operate if I had a power cut?

In the event of a power cut, the Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Pump system would still operate because a Perma-Seal Battery Backup System can be installed. The Battery Backup System works by supplying power to the pump/ pumps ensuring they are able to operate for a period of time, even in times of risks of flooding when power failure is more common in times of heavy storm weather.

Can I install the Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Pump system myself?

At Permagard, we recommend the system is installed by professional waterproofing experts, or a trained electrician. If you have any questions about our sump and pump systems or basement waterproofing in general give us a call today on 0117 938 1596.