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Read More About Infographic - How to Get your Home Ready For Spring

Infographic - How to Get your Home Ready For Spring

Knowing how to get your home ready for Spring can be difficult - with the onset of the first good weather in months, it's likely you'll have a list of jobs longer than your arm and a number of DIY and renovation projects to complete.

This article looks at some things you can do to get your home ready for Spring, and possibly provides some inspiration to continue improving your home throughout the year.

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Preparing Your Home for Spring

How to get your home ready for spring infographic


For those with screenreaders, the information in the Spring Infographic is as follows:

Outdoor Lighting

With the good weather and the chance that you'll be spending more time outside in the evenings - it's a great opportunity to clean down the patio and buy new outdoor lighting.

You can change a place immeasurably with good outdoor lighting. Change the atmosphere, the feeling and the mood and enjoy the (hopefully) warm nights that'll soon be coming out way.

Gardening in Spring

Take the time to prune dead branches, trim back shrubs and spend some time in the garden.

Removing blockages and overall maintenance of the garden will also improve the look of your property as we go into spring & summer.

Painting in Spring

Painting a room can change not only its appearance but the atmosphere and feel of your whole property.

If there's a room you'd like to brighten up or somewhere you'd like to spend more time, consider a new lick on paint. The room will feel refreshed and be given a new lease of life.

Circulate Air

It can't be underestimated how much of a difference this makes - after months of having your property shut up and the heating on - spring is the first chance you'll get to open all the doors and windows of your home and let air circulate. It'll smell better, feel fresher and balance the temperature of all the rooms in the house. 

Make Goals

One of the great things about Spring is that it gets everyone out of hibernation mode. Make some home plans and goals for the year. What DIY project would you like done by Christmas? Are you going to finally decorate that back bedroom? Making lists will make things seem manageable.

Last but not least, enjoy spring and giving your property a new lease of life!

Spring is the perfect time to treat your wooden decking and furniture - read our How to Treat Decking guide or browse our Garden Treatment products.