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Liquid Vapour Membrane

Categories: Damp Proofing

Manufactured by Permagard, the liquid vapour membrane is a water based waterproofing solution, made from styrene butadiene. This unique waterproofing system has a similar consistency to thick emulsion paint, and boasts of being flexible, elastic, waterproof and resistant to light abrasion and UV light.

Why should I use a liquid vapour membrane?

Permagard designed this multi-purpose membrane be applied to a variety of materials affected by damp including basement flooring, walls and roofs. The product is completely safe to use, and can be applied easily onto damp substrates by brush, roller or spray. Liquid vapour membrane is available in a 5 litre container in either black or white.

This unique solution can also be used underneath self-smoothing floors, or on concrete floors where the original damp proof membrane may have been punctured. It can also be used in bund, silage and sewage tanks.

Lastly, they provide protection against Carbon Dioxide and Methane penetration.

Permagard has ensured that the liquid vapour membrane has been tested in accordance with the following standards:

BS 3177 – The determination of water vapour permeability for flexible sheet materials

BS 8204 – The Code of practice for polymer modified wearing surfaces

The Code of Practice 102:1973 – for the protection of buildings against water from the ground

How do I apply liquid vapour membrane?

Before you begin applying the membrane, you must ensure that all the surfaces are clean and free from debris and surface water. Masonry should be free from any defects, so check for damage before installing the membrane. No priming is necessary; just make sure all the surfaces are clear.

Prior to applying, the coating should be stirred well, during application make sure that the material is applied at the correct thickness (0.6mm). This thickness is required as it forms a water and vapour barrier. Total coverage should equate to 1.1 litres per square metre, applied in a minimum of two coats.

If you are using the spray method, a single application dry coat thickness up to 1mm is achieved.  

When applying two or more coats, it is recommended that you apply the coats in right angles to the previous coat. Make sure that the previous coat has dried before applying the second. Try and leave the first coat to dry for at least 1 hour, but always apply the second coat within 24 hours of the first one.

How should I store the membrane?

Store the membrane in a place no cooler than 5 degrees and no hotter than 35 degrees. The membranes has a 12 month shelf life, however if you store it in a hot room, it could reduce its shelf life. The liquid membrane should always be protected from frost.

What safety precautions should I take installing the membrane?

As with most chemicals, the liquid vapour membrane should never come into contact with skin or eyes and should not be swallowed. Always make sure you are wearing protective clothing, such as glasses. Should the membrane come into contact with your skin, was immediately with soap and water and seek medical advice. Should the membrane come in contact with eyes, wash the eyes thoroughly and seek medical advice.

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