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Microshield Ultra Masonry Waterproofing Cream

Categories: ROOT

The cream is an impregnating agent based on silanes and siloxanes. The cream works by protecting the material while preserving the water vapour permeability, without affecting the material surface optically. Due to the cream’s strong beading effect, water simply beads and runs off so the material can maintain its natural moisture balance.

Surfaces treated from Microshield Ultra will also benefit from thermal performance which will effectively reduce heat loss through ‘wet walls.’ This will improve indoor environment, saving you valuable energy and money. This fully breathable system can be applied without any loss, in one single step and without the material running. The solvent-free cream only needs one application, leaving no film on top of the surface.

Microshield Ultra is an exceptionally high quality waterproofing cream that imparts high levels of protection into the substrate offering long-lasting waterproofing for over 15 years depending on the substrate condition and exposure to weather conditions. Microshield Ultra is suitable for use on the following materials:

• Concrete

• Bricks and clinker

• Natural stone

• Mortars

• Render

• Porous concrete

• Limestone

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