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Permagard are suppliers of Remmers UK Ltd

Remmers UK Ltd specialise in repair and protection products for the construction industry, serving both the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Here at Permagard, we are pleased to supply a selection of their high-quality waterproofing products.Below is a guide to the Remmers waterproofing products we supply.

Sulfatex Grout

Remmers’ Sulfatex Grout can be used for fast and reliable waterproofing in new build and refurbishment.

The high quality grout will protect masonry surfaces against penetrating damp from the exterior as well as rising damp which can occur in any porous masonry substrates.

The product is made from a high-quality cement waterproofing material, with the ability to waterproof surfaces in just one day.

It has outstanding properties, which allows the product to waterproof against water pressure from behind as well as being frost and sulphate resistant. The grout works best on sand-lime brick, brick and concrete substrates.

Sulfatex Grout Rapid

Similar to the product above, however this Remmers ‘rapid’ grout promises to act as a complete tanking system in just 4 hours!

The fast setting cementitious waterproofing slurry sets quickly for application onto cementitious based substrates and brickwork. The mineral building grout is made with state-of-the-art technology, promising long- lasting results in just a few hours. Waterproofing can be executed in one single operation, saving you time and money.

For fast restoration this is the product for you. TheSulfatex Rapid Grout doesn’t compromise on design; it withholds the same outstanding properties as Remmers’ Sulfatex Grout.

One of the benefits of this grout is its wet-on-wet technique, meaning there is no waiting around! Because the grout is breathable, the grout promotes quick drying, promising a crack-free setting.

With a National Test Certificate for building waterproofing, you will not be disappointed with this reliable waterproof protector.

Aida Kiesol

Remmers’ Aida Kiesol is a liquid treatment designed to protect walls from rising damp. This high-quality product is available from Permagard.co.uk in 5 litres and 10 litres.

The waterproofing liquid is made with a silicic base, promising deep protection against rising damp on interior and exteriors walls. The liquid also acts as a primer for grout systems and bitumen coatings.

Due to the liquid’s silicic base, the product enables faster working operations waterproofing in one day; water repelling and capillary narrowing damp masonry work. The treatment strengthens the substrates and increases chemical resistance through silicification.

Aida Kiesol has a range of uses, from restoring old buildings to waterproofing reservoirs. When repairing old buildings, a borehole procedure can be used. The method involves an injection into the masonry work to protect against capillary rising damp.

Waterstop Rapid Hardener

Remmers’ Waterstop Rapid Hardener acts as a rubber bandage, waterproofing joints under positive pressure. At Permagard the hardener is available in 5kg and 15kg.

The water plug stops water inrushes and leakages within seconds. At room temperature the plug will immediately react to water leakages, setting hard to a ‘plug’ of mortar which dries without shrinking.

The Waterstop can be used on a leak in walls or floors. Simply press a small amount of the hardener over the hole or leak (wearing gloves) and it will set hard and resist water leaks for hours, or even days.

This excellent protector can seal moisture that penetrates through surfaces in basements, tunnels and shafts as well as protection in sewer construction.

Waterproofing Filler

Remmers’ waterproofing filler can be used for closing open mortar joints, cracks, broken areas and levelling rough surfaces. The fast curing filler can quickly seal connection areas between walls and floors, waterproofing in both interior and exterior areas.

The filler is factory-mixed, using state-of-the-art technology. The high-quality product will repair substrates and waterproof buildings in one single operation. The filler works well using a wet-on-wet technique with Sulfatex Grout.

Similar to Remmers’ basement waterproofing products, the filler is suitable to use on sandlime brick, brick and concrete, repairing joints, holes and broken areas.

The filler can be applied up to 50mm thick and promises to stay very smooth and stable even in thick layers.

Remmers UK Ltd are well-established building restoration specialists. All of their products promise fast restoration. View more information on their basement waterproofing products we supply here at Permagard.co.uk.