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Permagard’s Perma-Vent Standard

While we are fighting through the cold and dark winter, our homes are fighting against mould and condensation. Just as we need protecting, our homes need protecting too and the Perma-Vent Standard will protect your home against anything from fungi to condensation.

Our homes are prone to these conditions because too much moisture in the atmosphere reaches a saturation point which then condenses onto a cold surface in the property. Kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms are the main areas affected by these damp problems.

Perma-Vent Standard is no trouble to install as it contains no moving parts and it requires no maintenance. Simply situate the ventilator in the affected room, where the mould or condensation is most prevalent and let it work its magic!

The ventilator works by the scientific principle that when the room temperature and humidity are greater internally than those externally, moist air is ventilated outside the building due to vapour air differences.

Perma-Vent Standard works by reducing the humidity conditions, allowing the vapour to move out of the building without allowing draught back inside.

The ventilator is unobtrusive with just a 6 inch internal white plastic grill. The thickness of the wall does not present a problem. The standard unit supplied with a 13 inch long ventral core which will accommodate most properties.

While the Perma-Vent Standard can help reduce condensation and future outbreaks of mould, the ventilator cannot remove residual black mould stains themselves. However, you can deal with black mould using a mould wash concentrate designed to kill and sanitise mould spores and an anti-mould paint which prevents against future outbreaks.

Perma-Vent Standard is an inexpensive starting to point to help prevent homes against mould growth and condensation. To find out more information, visit us at http://www.permagard.co.uk