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Permagard Products useful for flood damage repair

Categories: Damp Proofing

Post Flood Disinfectant & Sanitiser

If your property has suffered from flood damage, this high-performing disinfectant and sanitiser is the first product you should use before you do any other repair work. The concentrated sanitiser protects against bacteria including: hepititis B, salmonella, campylobactur, listeria, MRSA and many other bacteria including a wide range of viral infections.

P-Seal 3 Damp Proofing Membrane

Ideal for damp proofing both internally and externally is the P-Seal 3 damp proofing membrane. The high-quality mesh membrane acts as a barrier against water, alkalis, saline solutions and organic acids and is resistant against bacteria and fungi and many other small organisms. Providing an excellent ‘key’ for a number of materials including: plasters, lime mortars and renders, the damp proof membrane is a product without limits. The membrane has an overall thickness of 3.5mm and is guaranteed to not deteriorate for at least 30 years.

P-Seal Fleece Overstrip

This one-sided tape can be used to seal or repair mesh membranes. The strip’s geo textile texture enables you to render directly over it.

Renovating Plaster

A lightweight backing plaster, such as Permagard’s renovating plaster is ideal for walls which have just had a damp proof membrane inserted into them. This specifically designed plaster actively stops salts and control damp passing through the walls during the drying period. The plaster can be applied shortly after the damp proof membrane.

Permaseal Damp Proof Paint

Acting as another type of damp proofing membrane, Permaseal’s damp proof paint is supplied ready to use, straight from the bucket. The liquid has an emulsion paint consistency, and is easily applied to masonry surfaces by brush, roller or spray to create a damp proof barrier. The damp proof membrane typically dries in one hour, leaving a semi-gloss finish. The paint has similar qualities to the P-Seal Mesh 3 membrane, for example, resistance to silage acids and alkalis, with the ability to achieve a damp proof barrier.