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Perma-Seal’s Basement Sump and Pump Systems – New and Improved!

The new 2013 design of the Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Pump system comprises of a unique octagonal sump chamber, allowing for improved structural stability as well as the ability to provide eight large surfaces for inlets into the pump of up to 110mm via the wall flange. The new shape also boasts of a flared base, designed to prevent flotation.

Alongside the new and improved octagonal sump chamber, the system has a class leading pump, lock & seal lid and frame, an efficient high water level alarm, internal pipe work, a one way valve and a quick release shut-off valve for quick release of the pump for servicing.

The new and improved Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Pump System includes:

• A new Octagon Sump chamber with 8 flat sides for easier installation of inlets and out lets

• A new 50mm lock & seal lid and frame for use in heavier duty areas and easier sump access

• New flat areas to side of chamber ready for wall flanges to receive incoming 30mm - 110mm drainage pipes

• A new large foot to base of chamber to prevent chamber flotation

Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Pump System

Also, see our new and improved Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Dual Pump System.

Equipped with the same unique octagonal sump chamber and system contents, this system has an extra pump which is also capable of pumping up to 160 litres/minute or a rated discharge at a head of 4m – 80 litres per minute.

Why invest in a Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Pump System

Every home that has a basement should invest in sump and pump system as they provide a reliable way of evacuating water ingress. When used in conjunction with cavity drain systems for example Perma-Seal or Newton membranes they work as a system to provide a dry basement where many homeowners can use the new space to store valued possessions or simply use it as extra dry habitable space.

A Perma-Seal Sump Basement Sump and Pump system will not only provide protection for your basement and home against flooding; the Perma-Seal system will also protect your most valuable possessions and become a great investment in your home.

To find out more about our new and improved Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Pump System, contact us on 0117 938 1596.