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Protect your basement against flooding

Weather forecasts have predicted the bad weather will make its way up north, hitting North England and Wales. The severe flooding has already left more than 800 homes inhabitable in the South West.

Flooding is a terrible force of nature, causing much distress to families who become homeless, losing many of their most valued possessions.

While flooding prevention systems may be too late for some, home owners yet to be targeted can reduce the risk of flooding by installing a sump and pump system.

A sump and pump system is designed to remove ground water from within basements, light wells and water collected from cavity drain membranes. The system will give home owners piece of mind against flood risks and other severe weather conditions.

Permagard’s own sump and pump system – The Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Dual Pump System has a HDPE sump chamber which locks access cover, two waste submersible pumps and a high level water alarm system.

The dual system reduces the risk of flooding significantly more than a normal pump system, simply because the secondary pump is in place, continuing to pump even if the first pump fails to operate. The system uses identical pumps called SV-150 pumps.

The Sump Chamber

The HDPE sump chamber is supplied with all of the internal pipe work required for the connection of the pump to the outlet. The outlet has been pre-drilled to 50mm and includes adapters, ensuring 50mm high pressure waste pipe or 32mm waste pipe can be used to carry the waste water away.

The Submersible Pump

This pump has been designed to pump waste water away from a cavity drained waterproofing system. The pump has been developed by advanced technology, powered by electrical and motor parts.

The system is able to detect high levels of water, due to the system’s alarm. The alarm will sound if the water rises above the normal operating level within the tank. Powered by a 9V battery, the alarm can be programmed to automatic reset or manual reset after the alarm has sounded. You have the option to mute the alarm after an occurrence by pressing the mute button. The red alert light will continue to flash after the alarm has been muted.

The most beneficial aspect of this system is that it will still work even during a power cut. By adding a Perma-Seal Battery Back UP System, it ensures the pumps are supplied with power, allowing them to operate for a period of time during a power cut.

If you are interested in one of our Perma-Seal Sump and Dual Systems, may we recommend that you contact us for installation advice. Sump and pump systems should always been installed by a trained electrician or a waterproofing company. They should inform you that the system will need to be serviced quarterly during the first year and annually thereafter.

Here at Permagard, we urge our customers to be safe in their homes during this bad weather. Please contact us for advice on our Perma-Seal Basement Sump and Dual Pump System or our other basement waterproofing products.