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Replacement Wall Ties

Cavity wall tie failure

Cavity wall tie failure can be a consequence of a construction defect; for example where the original 'built-in' cavity wall ties have been omitted or incorrectly fixed for fitted with masonry ties that are too short.

Alternatively failure may be a result of a buildings’ aging process, whereby wall tie corrosion may have compromised the load-sharing capacity of the wall structure. Whatever the cause, the most effective way of solving the problem is replacing the cavity wall ties.

The corrosion of the metal steel cavity wall ties cause the wall ties to expand because the metallic oxide occupies a greater volume than the pure metal. This force separates the bricks above and below the bed joints in which the wall ties are laid.

The corrosion of the cavity wall ties or the lack of sufficient cavity wall ties used in the original construction means that many properties require either further remedial wall ties to be inserted or the original cavity wall ties need to be replaced.

Here at Permagard, we are excited to inform you that we have just realised a new range of replacement wall ties. The Easi-Fix Helical Drive Tie is made from austenitic 304 Stainless Steel, providing an effective solution for tying cavity and solid walls.

Ideal for anchoring building façades, structural members and stabilising multiple width brick walls, the Permagard Easi-Fix Helical Drive Tie has many benefits. Furthermore, the product can also be used as remedial wall ties to re-tie a wide range of differing materials like air-crete blocks, clay bricks, stone, concrete blocks and timber studs.

The Permagard Easi-Fix Helical Drive Tie can be easily installed by using a proprietary setting tool. Simply use an SDS-Plus shank hammer drill to drive and countersink the tie. What is so useful about this design is that it allows the tie to be driven quickly and easily into the pre-drilled hole. When the tie is secure in the substrate, the fins of the tie undercut the masonry to provide an expansion-free anchorage that will withstand tension and compression loads.

The Easi-Fix Helical Spiral Tie provides a mechanical connection between the masonry façade and its backup material or between multiple widths of the brick. This can be used once the helical drive has been installed.

The easiest way to install the Permagard Easi-Fix Helical Spiral Tie is to use a light hammer drill, no more than 1.5 NM impact and not less than 3000 impacts her minute.

Promising quick and easy installation, no resin or neoprene and no mechanical parts, this product is simply fantastic.