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Damp Proofing Cream – The Solution To Your Rising Damp Problems

Categories: Damp Proofing

Damp proofing cream can be used in all types of masonry without the use of high pressure injection equipment.

What does the cream do?

Aida Injection Cream has a unique formulation, based on a silane/siloxane pure cream emulsion for masonry injection against rising damp. The ready-to-use cream is highly effective and enables long lasting and deep penetration of active material into the mortar layer, creating a horizontal barrier against rising damp. The cream has a unique consistency which allows for horizontal application techniques without the injection agent running out. Most importantly, the cream is solvent free and can be used on alkaline and pH neutral building materials as well as acidic substrates. Environmentally friendly, the cream is ecologically safe and non-hazardous. Effective treatment and consistent consumption rates are guaranteed due to Aida's controlled installation technique.

How to apply the cream

Damp proofing cream can be applied using just 3 easy steps.

Firstly, drill 12mm diameter holes, horizontally, into the mortar joint at 120mm centres with a depth of 10-20mm from the opposite face.

Secondly, fill the boreholes with the injection cream using a low pressure sprayer or cartridge gun.

Thirdly, cap the holes.

Application is simple. Once installed you have an effective damp proofing course in place to protect your property against rising damp.

Why choose Aida Injection cream?

Aida Damp Proofing Cream has been independently tested in Germany by KBB Kompetenzzentrum Bautenschutz Bausanierung (Competence Centre of Building Protection and Building Restoration) and has been proven to effectively control rising damp in masonry substrates. Aida Injection Cream is a damp proofing cream you can trust.

It is currently the only product on the market that consists of a pure water/oil emulsion in cream consistency.

When applied, the cream reverts to a liquid base allowing the cream to be completely absorbed, resulting in superior penetration. This high-performing solution will reduce and eventually eliminate your damp proofing problems.

The unique consistency of the cream provides superior stability in the boreholes, ensuring penetration of the cream in all affected areas within the wall.

The product is suitable for anyone wanting to damp proof their property due to its ease of application.

Remember that application rates for porous or highly absorbent masonry may vary, so consider the building material you want to damp proof before applying the cream.