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Should I waterproof my basement before selling my home?

Take a look at our three reasons on why you should waterproof your basement before selling.

Waterproofing can add value to your home

People are under the misconception that basement waterproofing is an expensive, time-consuming hassle. Many homeowners don’t realise that a relatively quick and easy job can actually make them money! How? Properties with waterproof basements could potentially be worth 25% more than similar properties with basements suffering from damp. Homeowners who fail to repair their basements find their properties on the market for a lot longer, as buyers do not want to commit to the added expense and work the property entails.

Buyers will also be attracted to the extra habitable space that a basement creates. Many home owners use basements for storage space, studies or games rooms. It really is a no-brainer, if you want to increase your property’s price tag and achieve a quicker sale – waterproof your basement.

Waterproofing protects against mould and fungal rot infestations

Mould and rot growth is one of the first warning signs of water seeping into the basement. However, many people tend to try and avoid the problem for as long as possible because most people don’t know how to cure it, or prevent it from reoccurring. If mould growth isn’t cured, the problem will become worse.Simply painting over the evidence will not hide or prevent future growth.

Mould thrives off moist surfaces, therefore if you waterproof your basement you are effectively removing their food source, causing the mould to die because the surface will become dry. Potential buyers are less likely to invest in properties with mould growth, not only because it is ugly and smells, or because it reveals the property needs work, but because mould is bad for your health. Mould infestations can cause nausea, headaches, allergies and respiratory problems.

The problem may get worse

The longer you leave your basement in a state of disrepair the more likely repairing it will be will cost you more to have done. If water ingress is not stopped you may find serious problems like dry rot may thrive causing major structural problems to occur costing a lot of money to remedy.

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