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What Are The Benefits Of Damp Proofing Cream?

Categories: Damp Proofing

Damp proofing cream acts as a continuous water repellent once it has been injected into the mortar course. If you chose to re-render after the insertion of damp proofing cream you should always follow the Permagard re-rendering specification. The main reason for following the re-rendering specification is to stop any salts within the masonry passing through the new render and contaminating the new plaster finish. If the specification is not followed properly, salt may pass through the new surface in the drying phase, leaving salt deposits on the surface. Once these salt deposits are in the new plaster work they will attract moisture from the atmosphere to the surface of the plaster and make the wall look damp thus not totally curing the problem.

Normally walls dry out at a rate of an inch of wall thickness per month which means a standard 9 inch wall could take up to 9 months to dry.

One of the most recommended damp proofing creams is Aida® Injection Cream. Made from a silane/siloxane base, this highly effective cream allows for superior penetration of the active ingredient within the building material creating a highly protective damp proof course.

The unique formulation allows horizontal application techniques without the injection running out. The superior strength of this cream provides stability in the borehole creating a horizontal barrier against rising damp.

Once injected into the masonry, the cream reverts to a liquid form completely absorbing the damp. This technique is what makes Aida® Injection Cream so unique, as ordinary creams have a paste consistency due to thickeners being added to the cream. The thickness of the paste reduces the penetration, resulting in largely unabsorbed residues.

Aida® Injection Cream has the follow benefits:

• Environmentally Friendly – non-hazardous and ecologically safe

• Solvent Free – Free from volatile, organic compounds

• Can be used on alkaline and pH neutral building materials as well as acidic substrates

• Quick installation – drill the mortar joint, fill the boreholes using a low pressure sprayer or cartridge gun