Wet Room Construction

Wet Room Construction

Permagard stock all the products you need to waterproof and prepare a space for wet room construction. READ MORE... Need help? Read our how-to-guides
Wet Room Construction

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Wet Room Installation

With our ever changing lifestyles and busy schedules, showers have become the preferred choice for many people in their personal hygiene routines. With this change in lifestyle has come the demand for bigger more stylish shower spaces, which has led to the development of wet rooms and also to new products which are now required to create this space.

The essential requirement for any wet room is waterproofing of the space i.e. wet room tanking. Without this a leaky shower room can cause major problems in a house. Major problems such as mould, rotting timbers, damp and damaged plasterwork can all be caused by a leaking wet room.

Permagard supply a wet room tanking system that bonds to all types of substrates, it can be used on moisture-sensitive absorbent substrates, e.g. gypsum building materials and absorbent cementitious substrates, e.g. screed, cement render, aerated concrete, sand lime brick.

Our wet room tanking products have the advantage of proven waterproofing ability and complete simplicity of application. Applied by brush or roller the liquid wet room tanking material completely coats the area's which are at risk and forms a visible protective barrier. A tape is used to bridge gaps and joints so they can be sealed. Liquid wet room tanking has the advantage of being much more visible during the build-up time that may take a day or two. Thus gaps can be seen and re-coated more easily. Once the wet room tanking system has been installed it can be tiled over with a flexible waterproof tile adhesive.

In addition to giving advice on our range of wet room tanking products our technical staff are able to advise you on all aspects of internal waterproofing for any job large or small. Whether you need a specialist installer in your area or help with a specification, our technical advisors are here to help with all areas of wet room tanking.


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