Algae and Moss Remover

Algae and Moss Remover

Tackle unsightly algae and moss and keep your garden looking good. Green Gone! products are easy to apply, providing excellent results with minimum effort. READ MORE... Need help? Read our how-to-guides
Moss Remover

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Algae and Moss Removal

The appearance of green algae and lichen on property substrates and in a garden environment is generally viewed as unsightly. It can also be dangerous on pathways and walkways due to its slippery characteristics.

We stock Green Gone! Algae & Moss remover which can be applied with no physical effort – all you need to do is apply it to the affected area and leave. Any green algae, lichen and moss will be gone from all types of hard surfaces within 36 hours.

If you have problems with weeds in your garden, we also stock a systemic weed killer spray that kills weeds right down to their roots.


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