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Newton Membranes

Newton Membranes

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  • Newton Waterseal Tape

    Newton Waterseal Tape

    RRP: £43.50 ex VAT
    Our Price: £34.80 ex VAT Our Price: £41.76 inc VAT
  • Newton Silicone Mastic 400ml

    Newton 800 Mastic 400ml

    RRP: £6.50 ex VAT
    Our Price: £5.44 ex VAT Our Price: £6.53 inc VAT
  • Newton Corner Strip / Overtape

    Newton Overtape

    RRP: £54.00 ex VAT
    Our Price: £43.20 ex VAT Our Price: £51.84 inc VAT

29 Item(s)

John Newton Membranes are one of the leading independent manufacturers and suppliers of waterproofing membrane, damp proofing membrane and basement waterproofing products in the UK. With over 160 years of experience John Newton Membranes are known for innovative, reliable, high quality, BBA certified waterproofing membrane and basement waterproofing products. Whether converting damp basements into dry usable space, waterproofing new-build construction or simply damp proofing a property, Newton Membranes have waterproofing membrane solutions for both commercial and domestic uses.

John Newton & Company are the inventors of Newton System 500, a combination of waterproofing membrane, drainage and pumping systems. Newton System 500 is unlike conventional tanking solutions as the cavity drainage membrane does not try to hold back water pressure but instead lets the water into the structure controlling its path until the point of evacuation from the property. Newton membranes systems are completely reversible; they can be fully removed from a property which makes it ideal for use in listed or historic buildings where preservation of the original structure is important.

Permagard stock a complete range of products incorporating Newton Membranes, high quality cavity drainage membranes:- a waterproofing membrane for underground structures such as wet basements, damp cellars, flooded vaults, dripping railway arches, damp railway stations, turf roofs and for dealing with many other problems that require a long lasting, flexible, damp free, waterproof solution.
In addition to our large range of Newton membranes and associated proven products our technical staff are able to advise you on all aspects of waterproofing and damp proofing for any job large or small.  Permagard are the leading  official Newton Membrane stockists, whether you need a specialist Newton Membranes Installer in your area or help with a specification our technical advisors are here to help.