PBD 1K - Bitumen Waterproof Coating 25kg

High quality crack bridging, external waterproof coating which offers radon protection.

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Crack-Bridging External Waterproofing Coating

Profi Tight 1K is a polymer waterproofing material used to waterproof areas with ground contact, protecting against ground damp and non-standing seepage water. It is a highly flexible and expansion capable single component waterproofing
polymer with rubber fillers and crack-bridging qualities.

Uses of Profi Tight

Professional polymer-based waterproofing products such as Profi Tight are designed to adhere to all cementitious and mineral substrates including sand-lime brick, brick, concrete and cement screed.

Profi Tight 1K can be used for waterproofing vertical and horizontal surfaces as well as beneath screeds. It is suitable for the following applications:

  • Basement walls
  • Foundations
  • Floor slabs
  • Ceiling surfaces
  • Pipes passing through walls with ground damp and non-standing seepage water

When used alongside Remmers Kiesol System, it protects against external water pressure making it ideal for foundation waterproofing alongside other external below ground waterproofing applications.

Profi Tight can also be used as intermediate waterproofing under screeds in the following situations:

  • Wet and damp rooms
  • Balconies (without living 
space below)
  • Terraces (without living space below)

Applying Profi Tight 1K

This waterproofing coating is easy to use and is ready to be worked directly out of the can without stirring. It can be applied with a filling knife or a trowel as well as be sprayed onto the substrate. You can also apply Profi Tight directly to masonry without a layer of render.


Make sure the substrate is sound and cleaned thoroughly. Remove any oil, grease and release agents as well as loose parts and projecting seams. Break or slope off corners and edges, and close off open joints with a suitable mortar like Remmers Waterproofing Filler.


Depending on the application, you will need to prime the substrate before applying the Profi Tight. For full details consult the technical PDF in the Downloads tab.

In most internal instances you will need to prime the substrate with Kiesol (diluted 1:1 with water or on dry surfaces with 1:10 in water).

For external water pressure and standing seepage water, you should provide a silicification treatment with Kiesol (diluted 1:1 in water) and Waterproofing Grout up to 15 cm below the upper edge of the slab.

Scratch Coat

A scratch coat should be applied to concrete as well as masonry stone with profiled surfaces after priming to level the substrate and prevent blisters.
Applying Profi Tight 1K Waterproofing Polymer

Once Kiesol is air-dry or the scratch coat has thoroughly dried, the substrate is now ready to be waterproofed with Profi Tight 1K.

Two uniform layers of Profi Tight 1K should be applied to the substrate. The second layer is applied as soon as the first has hardened sufficiently and will not be damaged when worked over.

  • Vertical & Horizontal surface waterproofing - After the waterproofing has thoroughly dried, two layers of PE sheet are placed over the waterproofing as a parting plane and for protection before the screed is placed.
  • Pipes passing through walls - Profi Tight can be used to waterproof around pipes passing through walls in cove form by applying a layer maximum of 10 mm thick.
  • Balconies, terraces and in wet cell areas – apply up to the upper edge of the finished floor or the horizontal barrier in the walls.

Note: Make sure that only the prescribed layer thickness is applied in sealing cove areas to ensure that the coating can dry thoroughly.

When fresh, the waterproof coating can still be removed with water.

View the technical PDF for Application Rates.

If you would like advice on the application of Profi Tight 1K or any other masonry waterproofing products please contact Permagard today. You can also browse our range of external waterproofing and building chemicals


  • Water-based & solvent free polymer-based waterproofing coating
  • For use outdoors and indoors
  • Crack-bridging qualities
  • Ideal for Foundation waterproofing
  • Offers radon protection
  • Highly compression resistant
  • Environmentally-friendly not hazardous to ground water
  • Easy to apply
  • Compliant and corresponds to DIN 18195
  • Resistant to algae and de-icing salts, rot-proof
  • Adheres to all cementitious substrates
Model: RMPT0000087025
Manufacturer: Remmers
Packaging: 25kg plastic bucket
Size: 25KG
Dilution: Ready to use product - simply mix well before use
Coverage: 4kg - 5.5kg per metre squared
CE Mark EN 15814:2012 EN 15814; PMB-CB2-W2B-C2A Polymer modified, bituminous thick coating (PMBC). for waterproofing in below ground structures
Country of Manufacture: Germany

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