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Damp Proof Course 500mu 100mm x 30m

£2.60 Ex VAT
£3.12 Inc VAT

An extremely robust damp proof course (DPC) membrane to prevent rising damp in walls - 100mm width.

DPC Membrane - 100mm width

Designed for use within brick, stone and concrete walls, this robust 100mm wide DPC membrane provides a barrier against rising damp. This protects the property from dampness in the wall structure and associated problems with mould and damage to decorations. 

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Uses of a DPC Membrane

These DPC membranes are designed as a damp barrier in brick, stone and concrete walls. They are suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications. This means it can act as a barrier to water moving in both upwards and horizontal directions. 

Note: It should not be used above lintels or within cavity walls. 

Benefits of a DPC Membrane

This DPC is extremely durable and is guaranteed to meet British Building Regulations. It is manufactured from 100% recycled polythene materials, making it an environmentally friendly option too. 

The DPC also features an embossed finish to make mortar adhesion better. 

How to install a DPC membrane

DPC installation is simplest in the new construction process. For external walls, the DPC should be applied 150mm above the external ground level. You need to ensure it is linked with the DPM in solid floors.

The DPC membrane should be applied to a fresh bed of mortar. Make sure that the area is completely free of anything that may puncture the DPC or prevent it from lying flat. 

When joining two pieces of DPC, you should overlap them by at least 100mm. 

If you are looking to replace a damaged DPC or install a polythene DPC in a property without an existing one, then the best method is a remedial DPC using an injection cream. The alternative is to remove sections of the wall in order to install the plastic DPC membrane.   

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If you have any questions about DPC membranes, then please contact our expert technical team. We have over 30 years’ experience in damp proofing and are always happy to help. Call 0117 982 3282. 


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  • Protects against rising damp
  • Suitable for withstanding a compressive load of up to 2.5 N/mm2 as long as no lateral load is applied
  • Used in both vertical and horizontal applications
  • A highly versatile product that is subject to stringent quality controls to meet all British Standards
  • Made from 100% recycled polythene