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Dual Purpose – Fungi & Woodworm Treatment

You may have timber that is suffering from a wood boring insect infestation as well as fungal decay. 

Wood boring insect infestations are encouraged by damp. This can be the result of poorly ventilated cellars or sub floor spaces, or in situ timber that has been subjected to rain water or plumbing leaks. 

The damp timber promotes fungal growth or bacterial decay. This decay weakens the timber and enables the infestation to extend into normally resistant heartwood. Once this heartwood is under attack, it can lead to more serious damage to the timber, weakening it and reducing the structural integrity. These wood boring insect infestations most commonly occur in oak, because oak was used extensively in construction. However, infestations can also occur in other types of timbers. 

Treatment for this problem, or to protect against wood boring insect and fungal attack in new or re-instated timber is achieved using “dual purpose” or universal timber treatment products. These products contain a fungicide to treat and protect against future outbreaks of fungi and an insecticide for wood boring insect treatment that prevents any further attacks from insects in the future.

Dual fungicide & insecticide treatments

Permagard’s range of wood boring beetle and fungi treatments contain Permethrin. This highly effective insecticide is known to kill wood boring beetles and other insects. These dual timber treatments also contain IPBC and Propoicanizole. These are broad range fungicides for the treatment of a wide range of fungi and rots.

These dual fungicide / insecticide products come in different forms:

  • Concentrated or ready to use liquids: a fungicide / insecticide for the surface spray treatment of infected timber or as a pre-treatment for new or re-instated timber. Can also be used for injection directly into the timber. S
  • Pastes and gels: Ready to use products, for use either as a surface treatment or for injection into the timber. Used in “high risk” areas or places where a high penetration is required. For example joist ends etc.

For surface wood boring beetle treatment and fungi treatment, we would recommend the use of spray or brush applied liquids. For deeper treatment or for treating areas of “high” risk we suggest the use of Pastes or Gels as these wood boring beetle treatment and fungi treatments are deep penetrating and offer a higher level of protection.

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For further advice or help selecting a wood boring beetle treatment and fungi treatment to suit your requirements please feel free to contact one of our technical advisers on 0117 982 3282.