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Structural Repair

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Concrete Repair Products

Permagard stock a range of concrete repair products for many different applications. Our concrete repair products can be used internally or externally on floors, walls as well as in overhead applications.

Damage to Concrete

Despite high quality construction and resistance, damage can occur to concrete. This makes it necessary to provide additional protection and carry out concrete repairs using a concrete repair mortar.

Different internal and external influences can have a long-term effect on the resistance of concrete. One of the most common causes of damage in concrete is corrosion of the steel reinforcement in so-called reinforced concrete.

Further damage arises when moisture continuously enters through these cracks. This in turn promotes rust on the steel and also causes frost damage. As rusted steel is larger in volume than non-corroded steel, it causes compression stress. This then makes the covering concrete crack and burst. If the reinforcement is too close to the surface and the concrete is not protected, this type of damage can occur at a very early stage.

We stock concrete repair products that can be combined with rust inhibitors to protect in-situ reinforcing steel. We also have products that will fix elaborated concrete carvings and shapes on buildings.

Protecting Concrete

Once you have made the concrete repair, it is important to provide future protection to the surrounding area. This can be achieved in a number of ways. You can use concrete impregnation creams to stop the ingress of corrosion-promoting substances. These substances include water and other liquids, vapour, gas, chemicals and biological forms of life. We stock Newton 104 Crystalline Concrete Waterproofer for protecting your concrete.

Alternatively, surface treatments like facade creams, water repellents and facade paints can provide the following:

  • high water-repellency
  • excellent hiding power of discoloured or damaged concrete
  • CO2 inhibiting effect which prevents carbonation
  • water vapour permeability (allowing the building to “breathe”)
  • limitless possibilities for decoration.

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If you require any help with concrete repair or need advice on which concrete repair product is suitable for your requirements please contact us on 0117 982 3282.

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