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Damp Proofing

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Learn more about DPM Membranes for Concrete Floors

1200 Gauge DPMs

These 1200 gauge DPMs from Capital Valley Plastics are designed to prevent moisture from the ground entering a property. The low density polythene sheets create a barrier between a concrete slab or screed and the final flooring finish.

The DPM thickness is the recommended 300μm and 1200 gauge - this means it effectively prevents moisture from passing from the ground into the property. This provides long term protection to the upper surface of the floor from damage. You should always consider a DPM before installing any flooring.            

These black DPM flooring membranes are designed to be unaffected by groundwater as well as interstitial condensation should it occur. Capital Valley DPMs are also extremely durable and highly puncture resistant, meaning they provide decades of protection as well as withstanding site traffic during installation.

What is a DPM?

A DPM (damp proof membrane) is a plastic sheet membrane that sits between a concrete slab or screed, and acts as a barrier to stop moisture and contaminants entering a property from the ground.   

When can a DPM be installed?

1200 Gauge DPMs should be used when a floor is direct to the ground. You should use them to protect all final floor finishes. This can include timber floors, tiles, laminate flooring and carpet. These black DPMs can also be used with underfloor heating - under normal operating conditions this will not adversely affect the membrane.

DPM Installation

DPM membranes are laid either under a new concrete slab or on top of it to prevent moisture transmission. Ordinarily you will have a bed of hardcore on the ground then either a blinded surface and a DPM before a layer of concrete, or you place the DPM on top of the concrete slab before the final flooring. If you suspect the groundwater to contain sulphates, then the DPM should always be placed below the concrete.

When DPMs overlap you should use DPM tape to seal the joints. We sell both single and double sided DPM tape. Your DPM always needs to be continuous with the damp proof course (DPC) in the walls etc.

Benefits of DPM

Installing a DPM in the concrete slab helps protect your flooring from moisture transmission. Under normal conditions, the 1200 gauge DPM will remain an effective moisture barrier for the life of the concrete slab. Capital Valley Plastics pride themselves on the durability of their membranes.

Permagard – over 30 Years’ Experience in DPMs

If you have any question around which DPM is best to use or the installation of a DPM then contact our expert team on 0117 982 3282. Our technical advice is offered for free and is designed to give you the confidence you need to get the job done.

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