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Building Chemicals

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  1. Permaproof Waterproofer - Render Additive 5L
    Permaproof Waterproofer - Render Additive 5L
    £7.75 Ex VAT
    £9.30 Inc VAT
  2. Render Additive / Waterproofer 25 Litre
    Permaproof Waterproofer - Render Additive 25L
    £29.90 Ex VAT
    £35.88 Inc VAT
  3. SBR Bonding Agent
    SBR Additive 5 Litre
    £16.95 Ex VAT
    £20.34 Inc VAT
  4. SBR Bonding Additive 25 Litre
    SBR Bonding Additive 25L
    £79.00 Ex VAT
    £94.80 Inc VAT
    Salt Neutraliser 5L
    Salt Neutraliser 5L
    £18.80 Ex VAT
    £22.56 Inc VAT
  6. PermaSEAL Salt Inhibitor 5L
    PermaSEAL Salt Inhibitor 5 Litre
    £21.75 Ex VAT
    £26.10 Inc VAT
  7. Remmers Salt Inhibitor 5kg
    Remmers Salt Inhibitor 5kg
    £42.00 Ex VAT
    £50.40 Inc VAT
    Out of stock
  8. NEW
    PermaSEAL Lime Inhibitor 5L
    PermaSEAL Lime Inhibitor 5L
    £21.75 Ex VAT
    £26.10 Inc VAT
  9. Aida Kiesol 5 Litre
    Kiesol Waterproofing Liquid 5kg
    £30.65 Ex VAT
    £36.78 Inc VAT
  10. Aida Kiesol 5 Litre
    Kiesol MB Primer 10L
    £33.40 Ex VAT
    £40.08 Inc VAT
  11. Stick 2 Epoxy Putty Aqua 50gm
    Stick 2 Epoxy Putty Aqua 50gm
    £3.40 Ex VAT
    £4.08 Inc VAT
    Out of stock

Learn more about Building Chemicals

Building Additives & Waterproofing Chemicals

Our building chemicals are designed as high performance admixtures. Tried and tested they provide the reliability and performance that you require in every mix.

We manufacture a range of building chemicals to include:

  • Waterproofer: All purpose waterproofer / mortar plasticiser / salt inhibitor for use in sand and cement mixtures. (used after the insertion of a new damp proof course)
  • SBR Bonding additive: Improves adhesion, flexibility as well as reducing shrinkage and cracking in cement mixes.
  • Salt Inhibitor: Resists the movement of salts in cement renders.
  • Lime Inhibitor:  Designed to prevent the leaching of free lime in new concrete.
  • Render Additive: Improves workability and bonding of cement based materials.

All of our building chemicals are designed for use during new construction or whilst carrying out renovation, restoration or general repairs and maintenance of a property. Building Chemicals are widely used in cement-based materials such as screeds and renders etc.

If you require help selecting the right building chemical please feel free to call us on 0117 982 3282 - we’re here to help.