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Basement Waterproofing

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Learn more about Basement Drainage Systems

Basement Drainage Channels & Accessories

When waterproofing a basement or cellar with a cavity drain membrane system, you need to install a basement drainage system to deal with any water ingress and keep the environment dry.

This drainage system is made up of two key components - a sump and pump system and basement drainage channels. The drainage channels transport any water entering the structure to the sump chamber.

Basement drainage channels 

Drainage channels are installed around the perimeter of a basement or cellar. They feature a number of holes that allow any water from the cavity drain membrane to enter the channel. These perimeter drainage channels then efficiently disperse this water to a sump chamber. Once collected in the sump chamber, the groundwater can then be pumped to a safe evacuation point. This is referred to as a sump pump system.

The drainage channels are highly durable and specifically designed to safely collect and channel the groundwater. They come in straight lengths with or without upstands, T-junctions and corner pieces.

At Permagard, we stock a wide range of basement drainage channels and accessories from these leading brands:

Basement drainage accessories

There are a number of drainage accessories that help achieve a fully maintainable system that complies with BS: 8102 regulations. These include rodding and jetting eyes that allow you to use water to jet away any blockages, maintaining a clean and effective drainage system. 

Installing a basement drainage system

When correctly installed, groundwater drainage channels help effectively relieve hydrostatic water pressure in cellars and basements. They are installed below basement flooring membranes at the floor wall junction. You will need to create an appropriate trough in the basement slab to accommodate the drainage channel. The different pieces simply click together. You can then seal the joints with a jointing tape or gaffa tape.   

Permagard – Basement drainage specialists

If you have any questions about basement or cellar drainage then contact our technical team for free advice on 0117 982 3282.

For more information, check out our guide to basement drainage systems and sump and pumps or our complete guide to Type C waterproofing and cavity drain systems.