Basement Drainage Systems

Basement Drainage Systems

Remove ground water from basements and cellars with our high-quality sump pumps and sump chambers. READ MORE... Need help? Read our how-to-guides
Basement Drainage Systems

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Basement Drainage

When waterproofing a basement or cellar with a cavity drain membrane system, you need to install a basement drainage system in order to deal with any water ingress and keep the environment dry.

Sump and Pump Systems

One of the most important aspects of a basement drainage system is the sump and pump system, which is designed to remove ground water from within basements including any water collected from cavity drain membranes.

As part of the system you have a sump chamber and a sump pump – the sump chamber collects the water that drains from the cavity membranes and a submersible pump that then transports the water along pipes to a suitable evacuation point. The pipes are fitted with one-way valves to stop water flowing back into the basement.  

Sump and pump systems provide homeowners with peace of mind, protecting their property against flooding and severe weather conditions.

Sump Pumps

Our reliable tested and proven sump pumps form a vital part of any basement waterproofing system. Basement sump pumps pump the water away through internal pipes to a safe evacuation point like an external drain. We stock both single and dual pump systems like our PermaSEAL Basement Sump and Pump System

Sump Pump Installation

The sump pump systems that we supply are sold in full fit form so include internal pipe work so the installation requires no specialist tools or skills. Sump pumps and alarms should however always be installed by a trained electrician or a waterproofing company.

Some basement pumps and sumps are back-filled with concrete around the sump to form part of the floor slab. An access cover is set over the sump for maintenance purposes. Others are connected above the slab such as the Newton Titan Sump Pump. Most connections to the pumps are designed for convenience with simple screw on fittings. Adaptors are usually supplied with our sump pumps.

Back-up batteries and high water alarms ensure that our easy to install sump pumps are capable of dealing with large volumes of water no matter what the situation.

Basement Sump Pump Servicing 

The basement pump and sump are the heart of the waterproofing system and it is essential that you can access your basement pump. The pumps are extremely efficient, fully tested and proven for long life performance however it is vital that the sump and pump system is regularly inspected and maintained as limescale and other deposits that get into the sump can limit the life of the pumps.

For more information on basement drainage systems including sump pumps then call our experts today on 0117 982 3282.

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