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Learn more about Lateral Restraints

Wall restraints & bower beams 

A number of issues with deflection or bowing in walls can be solved with the correct type of wall restraint. At Permagard, we manufacture Easi-Fix® lateral wall restraints and masonry pinning systems to solve issues with moving walls and return structural stability. We also stock bower beams to help treat damp and damaged timber beams.

Lateral Restraint ties 

Lateral restraints provide a solution to bulging brickwork by restraining the whole of the brick outer structure of a wall to the internal floor joists. This fix is carried out from external to internal in situations when the joists run parallel to the bowing wall. 

Normally this function is performed by angle straps screwed onto the flooring joists. Lateral restraints provide a highly effective alternative that can be fitted from outside the property with little disturbance.

Easi-Fix® lateral restraint ties are highly effective at supporting bulging walls by tying internal flooring back to external walls as well as strapping a building. They are ideally suited for gable walls.  

At Permagard, we stock individual lateral restraint ties in either 1 or 1.5 metre lengths. We also sell our Easi-Fix Lateral Restraints kits which include all you need to complete the job. Lateral restraint costs are low when compared to other methods. We also sell the specialist lateral restraint fixing key that allows you to install lateral ties by hand or with a drill.  

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Masonry Pinning with Helical bars

Some wall repairs require masonry pinning. This is when you pin through a corner to the opposing wall, joining the two sections back together. Masonry pinning is sometimes required if you are tying large thick walls.

The process involves drilling a 16mm hole and then inserting PermaCEM anchor grout along with a helical bar using a masonry pinning nozzle.  

Bower Beams

We stock three different sizes of bower beams – small bower beams, medium bower beams, large bower beams - that allow you to complete joist and beam end repairs quickly and effectively. They isolate the timber joist or beam ends from wet walls, protecting them from fungal decay and avoiding the need for expensive replacements.

Easi-Fix®  – Specialist Solutions. Made Possible

Our lateral wall restraints are part of the Easi-Fix® offering - a complete range of structural repair products that are precision engineered, highly effective and long-lasting. Permagard are proud to manufacture and supply these high quality easy-to-use structural repair products. We offer specialist technical support online, how to guides, data sheets, and telephone support - before & after purchase.

If you have any questions around the best walls restraints for your situation or using lateral ties then please contact our technical team for free expert advice on 0117 982 3282. 

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