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lateral restraint for walls

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Lateral Restraints

Lateral restraints provide a remedy to bulging brickwork by restraining the whole of the brick outer structure of a wall to the internal floor joists. This function is normally performed by angle straps screwed onto the flooring joists. Lateral restraints provide a highly effective alternative that can be fitted from outside the property with little disturbance. These restraints can be used to suit different situations such as joists bearing into a wall and joists parallel to a wall. 

At Permagard we stock individual lateral restraints in either 1 or 1.5 metre links alongside our Lateral Restraints kits which include all you need to complete the job.

Armlocks and Gablelocks

If you are having issues with the bowing or deflection of an outer wall, a very effective solution is to use the floor diaphragm to restrain the wall. To do this, you need to introduce an improved mechanical connection between the wall and the floor. The Armlock and Gablelock provide a fast and reliable connection between the floor diaphragm and wall, without the need for additional noggins or other carpentry work.

Bower Beams

We stock three different sizes of bower beams that allow you to complete joist and beam end repairs quickly and effectively. They isolate the timber joist or beam ends from wet walls, protecting them from fungal decay and avoiding the need for expensive replacements.

If you have any questions around the best restraint product for your situation then please contact our technical team for free expert advice on 0117 982 3282.