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Flood Protection

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Flood Protection Solutions

The UK’s climate is changing. With longer wetter spells, more and more areas are at risk from flooding. Add to this the fact that more homes are being built in flood risk areas and you have a serious issue. Flood protection is more important than ever and for more people.

More information can be found around your long-term flood risk: England, Wales and Scotland.

Flood protection refers to actions you can take to minimise your risk from potential flood damage. Here at Permagard we offer two forms of flood protection.

We cover flood resistance and resilience measures along with repairability, so that you can protect your home from flooding and limit the damage it can cause. Many people wonder what’s best for them: flood resistance versus flood resilience - but in reality it makes sense to create a flood plan that utilises both.

Flood Resistance

Flood resistance is about stopping water entering your property. At Permagard, we focus on providing high performance water-resistant coatings to apply to your external masonry surfaces and internal tanking systems. These will stop or slow any water ingress. Many flood resistant plans also look at flood defences such as special doors and windows, alongside traditional flood defences like sandbags and flood boards.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: For older and period properties, it’s important to develop a flood strategy that aligns with your risk levels, priorities and building materials. Cementitious tanking is not always an appropriate option and we recommended consulting a professional.

Flood Resilience

Flood resilience is about reducing the risk of damage once water has entered a property and making repair quick, easy and affordable. These products keep damage and disruption to your home to an absolute minimum. We stock high quality water-resistant materials and anti mould products to limit the damage of a flood.

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Permagard - Protect your home from flooding

If your property is at risk of flooding or you want to find out about home flood protection speak to Permagard. We offer reliable flood protection for your home with a range of high quality products. If you need support in protecting your property from flooding then contact our team today.