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Damp Proofing

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Learn more about Rising Damp Products

Rising Damp Treatment Products 

Rising damp is when moisture from the ground travels up the walls of a building through capillary action. When this happens, you are likely to see signs of rising damp on internal walls like staining and salt deposits. The excess moisture in the wall can cause internal damage to plaster, paint and wallpaper as well as external damage. 

Treating rising damp

The best way to treat rising damp is by installing a new chemical damp proof course (DPC) through injection. A damp proof injection cream forms a new DPC that prevents water from rising up above the point of installation. You inject a specially formulated cream into either the brick or mortar joint depending on the product selected. When the product cures, it creates a water repellent barrier that prevents water from rising up the wall.

Rising damp product range

Permagard offer market-leading rising damp treatments and accessories, including damp proof injection creams in a range of sizes to help you get the job done:

Rising damp repair

Once you have installed your injection DPC, you need to turn your attention to rising damp repair. Essentially making good and protecting future finishes and decoration from salt damage.   

Re-Plastering after a new DPC

Once you have treated the rising damp, it is essential that you re-plaster internally following the correct specification. By using the right spec, you prevent further issues with salt contamination. 

Permagard stock all the required products (available on this page) for re-plastering - these include Salt Neutraliser to treat any salt contamination before the re-plastering takes place and Permaproof Waterproofer for re-rendering. Our best-selling damp proof membrane kits are also available to speed up the re-plastering process and isolate new finishes from damp, salt-contaminated walls. 

Read our complete guide to re-rendering after the installation of a chemical DPC.

DPC Membranes 

You can also protect a property from rising damp with a polythene damp proof course. These are best installed during new construction. At Permagard, we stock extremely durable DPC membranes manufactured by Capital Valley Plastics

Rising Damp Specialists

At Permagard, we stock a high quality range of rising damp products, providing long-term protection. Our specialist technical team is available to advise you on all aspects of damp proof injection and suitable treatments for rising damp. Simply call us on 0117 982 3282.

For more information read our How To Guide on Using Damp Proof Cream Injection to Treat Rising Damp. You can also read more on what rising damp is in our advice section.