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Green Roof

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It’s no surprise to see the continued popularity of green roofs for commercial buildings. They deliver a range of benefits spanning environmental to cost saving, helping businesses to become greener in every sense and deliver on CSR promises. This includes improving energy efficiency and reducing consumption, supporting wildlife and creating recreational spaces for people to enjoy in urban areas.

Permagard is proud to supply a comprehensive range of long lasting, robust green roof drainage membranes for larger domestic and commercial green roof projects. We are committed to providing the highest quality drainage membranes when and where you need them, alongside the technical information and support to make your design a success.  

The drainage layer is a key component of any green roof system. With Permagard’s recycled HDPE Green Roof Membranes, you can trust that the drainage element of your system will meet your needs and for years to come.  

Our professional green roof membranes support effective water management in your green roof system, allowing excess water from heavy rain to safely drain away without causing waterlogging. This protects the vegetation from damage and avoids excess loading on the structure. 

Each PermaSEAL PRO drainage and storage membrane features a cavity designed to retain sufficient water to sustain your chosen vegetation. We offer membranes with different sized cavities that we can tailor to your project specification, taking into account your objectives, the deck construction, proposed build up and plant life. 

Our range can accommodate intensive and extensive systems, specific vegetation from sedum to larger shrubs and trees, as well as driveable and walkable requirements. From simple extensive membranes with in-built geo-textile layers (PermaSEAL PRO 8) to 60mm drainage and water-retention membranes with high compression strength ideal for intensive green roofs or decks (PermaSEAL PRO 60P), we have the membrane you need. 

Professional green roof membranes to match your needs

Getting the correct design and specification of drainage layer is essential for the success of your green roof system. If you’re unsure what drainage layer you need, then our team is more than happy to feed into the specification for the proposed drainage options. Whether you require an extensive or intensive green roof, walkable or drivable paving or a simple gravel-filled deck finish, we stock the appropriate drainage membrane. 

With fantastic stock availability, we’re able to offer the following membranes:

Professional Green Roof Ancillary Products

  • PermaSEAL PRO Green Roof Protection fleece - protects the primary waterproofing layer of your system
  • Proud member of GRO

    Permagard is a member of Green Roof Organisation (GRO) and follows the GRO Code when advising our clients on the key considerations around their designs. We’re proud to be part of an organisation so committed to raising standards and spreading the benefits of green roof systems.  

    Permagard – Professional Green Roof Membrane Suppliers

    Permagard only works with the highest quality green roof membrane manufacturers. Our technical team is here to support you and answer any questions you may have about specifying our membranes for your green roof systems. We’re happy to feed into the design process, specifying the best membrane for your project. Call us today on 0117 982 3282.