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Structural Repair

Learn more about Structural Repair

Repairing Structural Damage

Permagard stock a wide range of structural repair products to deal with a whole range of issues. Our professional products provide solutions to cavity wall tie corrosion, cracks in walls, bowing & bulging walls and damage to concrete. 

Cavity Wall Ties

Cavity wall tie corrosion occurs when the original wall ties used in the construction start to corrode and de-bond from the substrate around them. This wall tie failure leads to horizontal cracks in the masonry, which are often first noticed on the exterior of the property.

Structural movement can occur when the ground around the property moves or settles, or when structures are built with insufficient foundations. These movements can result in large horizontal and vertical cracks both internally and externally. Permagard stock a range of stainless steel remedial wall ties to suit most situations as well as other types of stainless steel restraints, stitching bars and brick ties to deal with the problems caused when buildings deteriorate and are no longer structurally sound.

Cracked Brick Wall in need of structural repair

Permagard - Experts in Structural Repairs

Permagard are experts in structural issues and have several products within our range that are patented, unique to us and could provide the perfect solution to a problem you have.

Our large range includes concrete repair products, remedial brick ties, bower beams, crack stitching kits and restraint products. If you are unsure of the products you need, then our technical staff are able to advise you on all aspects of wall tie replacement or crack stitching for any job large or small. Whether you need a specialist installer in your area or help with a specification, our advisors are here to help. Simply call us on 0117 982 3282.

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