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Structural Repair

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Learn more about Helical Bars

Helical Spiral Bars

From crack stitching to lintel reinforcement, our stainless steel helical bars are a trusted solution for masonry repair and reinforcement. They are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and each bar is cold rolled to further harden the steel and increase its tensile strength. Easi-Fix Helical Bars are affordable, easy to install and restore strength and structural stability to brick, block and stone walls, providing peace of mind for years to come.

Helical bars for masonry repairs & reinforcement

Helical bars are a convenient and cost-effective way of carrying our masonry repairs and providing reinforcement. This can be part of new construction or remedial work to restore structural stability in a property. They can be used to stitch cracks (both vertical and stepped) and reinforce or repair lintels around windows and doors.

Helical bars are extremely versatile - they can be cut to any length and bent to form the required shape. We recommend fitting them with Easi-Fix 2C cementitious grout or the PermaCEM Anchor Grout. Helical bars are a proven way of increasing the tensile and flexural structure of masonry walls.

At Permagard we stock a wide range of helical bars, with different thicknesses, lengths and quantities designed to meet your specific requirements. We also provide convenient kits including our best selling crack stitching kit, as well as our heavy duty Crack Stitching kit for more serious cracks.

Easi-Fix Helical Bars

Easi-Fix Helical Bars are available in the following:

  • 6mm Helical Bar available in 1m, 3m and 7m lengths
  • 8mm Helical Bar available in 1m, 3m lengths

Uses of helical spiral bars

There are several uses of helical bars that include:

  • Lintel repair
  • Crack stitching
  • Providing extra strength in footings, parapets, arches and retaining walls
  • Creating masonry beams to span localised subsidence
  • Wall ties

Helical bars for crack stitching

If you are experiencing stepped or vertical cracks in masonry then you can stabilise the structure by stitching the cracks with helical bars. This will help prevent further cracking and restore the structural integrity of the masonry. It’s a quick, reliable and inexpensive way to prevent further damage to the wall.

Browse our crack stitching range

Helical bars for lintel repairs

Window and door lintels can crack, sag and ultimately fail over time. Repairing brick lintels and brick flat arch lintels is easy with helical bars. In many instances, you will need the longer 3 metre helical bars.

For more information, read our guide to Lintel repair & reinforcement.

Helical bar installation

The installation of helical bars depends on the structural repair you’re undertaking. The basic principle is to cut out a slot in the mortar bed, flush out any debris, and then secure the helical bar with a suitable grout. We stock a basic Helical Drive Tie Install Tool for SDS drills for smaller jobs or a Professional helical drive setting tool.  

Helical bar fixing

We recommend using PermaCEM Anchor Grout in the mortar bed to secure the helical bar. You will require a subsequent bead of the grout once the helical bar is firmly bedded in. You are then in a position to make good the bed joint and fill the crack with an appropriate matching filler, making the repair fully concealed.

We’ve put together the following guides to help with installation: 

Installing helical bars for lintel repair
How to use helical bars for crack stitching
How to repair cracks in walls

Helical bar manufacturers

At Permagard, we’ve been manufacturing innovative structural repair products for over 25 years. As an independent helical bar manufacturer, we work hard to remain market leaders and ensure compliance with all standards. 

Easi-Fix Helical Bars are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and each bar is cold rolled to further harden the steel and increase its tensile strength. During the cold roll/ twisting process the unique fin design is formed which imparts strength and allows the anchoring grouts to form a cohesive bond to the bar.  Our unique helical structure is designed with over 25 years’ experience and offers the user complete confidence in the product’s ability to perform over time.

Easi-Fix - Specialist solutions. Made possible.

Our Easi-Fix Helical Bars are effective at stopping structural movement and returning stability. Easi-Fix is a specialist range of structural repair products that are precision engineered, highly effective and long-lasting. Call our team of technical advisers today for more information on 0117 982 3282.

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