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Wood Preservatives

Whether applied by vacuum pressure treatment or the dipping process, industrial wood preservative can be used to increase the natural durability of timber against fungal and insect attack.

Timbers treated with an industrial timber treatment are ideal for all kinds of construction, especially wood used in gardens and landscaping, playing apparatus, posts, palisades, fences, decking, garden furniture and many other applications.

We suggest timber is treated with our Universal Wood Preservative ready to use or concentrated version for protection against fungi, mould and wood boring insects. Then if a colour is required we manufacture Permadip 9 which is an industrial wood treatment for rough cut outdoor timber that imparts colour into the timber through the dipping process.

As Permadip 9 is an industrial wood pre-treatment we suggest the application of exterior wood treatment between 3 - 9 months after installation to give the timber further protection against moisture.

Advantages of using timber that has been pre treated with an industrial timber treatment:

  • The correct amount of industrial wood preservative has been applied to the timber in a controlled industrial process, designed for the intended end use of the treated timber.
  • There is no wastage of the industrial wood treatment or loss to the environment during the application of industrial wood preservative to the wood.
  • Treatment of timber by an industrial process reduces the potential for human and environmental exposure to the industrial wood preservative chemical.

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