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Radbar Radon Membrane 1200 Gauge - 300mu - 4m x 25m

£88.50 Ex VAT
£106.20 Inc VAT

Protect new build properties and their inhabitants from harmful radon gas with Radbar Radon Membranes. 

Radon Gas Membrane

This high quality Radbar radon membrane offers protection against cancer-causing radon gas. It also acts as a damp proof membrane in situations where there is no hydrostatic pressure.

Manufactured using only top grade virgin polymerto ensure consistency and quality, these radon gas membranes are used widely across the UK and Europe. They protect homes by preventing harmful gases from seeping into properties. They are extremely durable, highly-puncture resistant, and have superior elongation properties compared to reinforced products.  

Permagard supply 4M x 25M rolls that are designed to be easy to install, while reducing the use of tape and sealants required for jointing.

Installation of Radon Membranes

Radon gas membranes need be installed by professionals in accordance with BRE 211:2007. They are designed for concrete ground floors and can be installed either above or below the slab. They are suited to the following applications:

• reinforced concrete floors that have been cast in-situ

• suspended beam-and-block concrete floors

• precast concrete slabs

The radon gas membrane should extend the whole of the floor and walls. Make sure that it is laid on a smooth surface or one that has been sand blinded to prevent any punctures. It is vitally important that all joints are sealed including under walls and to gas DPCs. Two sections of membrane will require Radbar Double Sided Tape between the joint and Radbar Single Sided Tape Grey (Radon) over the joint.

You should also take measures to protect the radon membrane once it is laid. You can either cover the entire area with some form of temporary boarding or through the immediate laying of a floor screed.

For more information on installing radon membranes, read our gas barrier installation guide.

Peace of Mind

All rolls of this gas membrane are uniquely labelled and registered for complete traceability. This means that they can be installed safe in the knowledge that the product has been independently tested, certified and carries BBA and ISO9001 approval.

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If you have any questions around radon protection and the installation of gas membranes, then contact our expert team on 0117 982 3282.


Looking for a gas DPC? We also stock Radon DPCs in two sizes – 100mm and 112.5mm each 20 metres long. 


  • Certified gas membrane that carries BBA and ISO9001 approval
  • Protects against cancer-causing radon gases
  • Extremely strong & durable membrane 
  • Superior elongation properties compared to reinforced products