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Damp Proofing

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Newton Damp Proofing Membranes

Quick and easy to install, Newton’s damp proofing membranes are user-friendly and guarantee high quality results, permanently eliminating damp on walls.

Newton System 800

Newton System 800 is a range of high quality BBA-approved damp proofing membranes and ancillaries that provide a permanent solution for damp proofing walls. These membranes are quick, clean and easy to install.

Newton 805 Newlath and Newton 803 Newtonite meshed membranes provide an impermeable barrier on any damp or deteriorating surface. The mesh welded to the face of the Newton damp proofing membrane provides a firm key for plaster, render or dot and dab plaster board.

The un-meshed Newton 803 damp proofing membrane is designed for when there is a requirement to increase the insulation requirements of a wall. A timber baton, stud wall or metal track system is placed in front of the membrane with insulation located between the stud or frame to increase the U value of the wall.

Newton damp proof membranes offer a permanent and cost effective damp proofing solution.

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