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Internal Waterproofing Products

Old buildings often lack the structural waterproofing that protects against laterally penetrating damp as well as rising damp and its associated salts. At Permagard, we stock a range of internal waterproofing products to help protect homes from this moisture penetration. 

Effects of Moisture Penetration

Moisture has a number of damaging effects:

Structural effects: Damage to timber elements, interior plasterwork and finishes.
Health and hygiene: The formation of mildew/fungus and the propagation of harmful spores in the air.
Masonry work: 
Efflorescence bursting  crystals of salt, cracks, spalling.
Room climate: Uncomfortable chill and dampness, reduction of heat insulation, increased heating costs.

Cementitious tanking systems are designed to alleviate all of these problems creating new warm, waterproof and habitable spaces. Permagard and Remmers structural waterproofing systems consist of silification primers and cementitious waterproof grouts and mortars which when installed create an internal waterproofing system that blocks the passage of water but is vapour permeable which allows the structure to “breathe”.

Advantages of Internal Damp Proofing Systems:

Allow you to gain living space without having to increase the footprint of the building:

Where requirements on heating, ventilation and a source of daylight are taken into consideration, waterproofed and restored cellars/ basements can be made into full quality living accommodation as well as useful spaces for laundry, hobbies etc.

Commercial value:
Increase of commercial space for office/ retail use particularly where space is at a premium.

Increase value:
Waterproofing a cellar considerably increases the living space of a house and is a pro-active measure in increasing the property value.

Save heating costs:

A cellar acts as a heat and moisture barrier between the ground and living spaces on upper levels and therefore helps save heating costs

A room that has been restored or structurally waterproofed creates more habitable living space, increases the comfort of the property and saves money in the long run.

These damp proofing products can be used above or below ground in any area which is subject to water ingress. This may simply be where an internal floor level is below the external ground level and waterproofing is required for the lower part of the wall below the damp proof course. Alternatively they may be used in a flooded basement to prevent water penetration and hold back water under hydrostatic pressure. If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact one of our technical advisors on 0117 982 3282. We’re here to help!

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