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Structural Repair Manufacturers

Permagard has been manufacturing innovative structural repair products for over 25 years. Back in 2002, we invented and patented the Easi-Fix mechanical wall tie for fast and effective wall tie replacement. This product has been widely used across the industry ever since and sits proudly at the core of the Easi-Fix range.

As an independent manufacturer, we continue to evolve our products to remain market leaders and ensure compliance with all standards. Giving our customers peace of mind is at the heart of what Permagard do. We are happy to share samples of our high-quality helical drive ties.

The Easi-Fix Range

Representing quality, value and technical excellence.
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Crack Stitching
Easily repair vertical or stepped cracks in masonry walls to restore structural integrity and prevent further cracking.
Remedial Wall Ties
Replace cavity wall ties with the most reliable easy-to-use replacement ties, ensuring structural integrity is maintained.
Lateral restraints and bower beams to solve issues with deflection or bowing in walls.
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Why should you choose Easi-Fix?

Precision engineered.

Trusted by Professionals

Easi-Fix is trusted by professionals to deliver specialist solutions to structural issues. Our precision engineered products are tested to ensure long-lasting effectiveness. We work hard to ensure that the support and level of service you receive is unrivalled, using our 30 years+ of experience in structural repair.
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Unrivalled technical support.

Technical Excellence

Easi-Fix represents a specialist solution that is accessible to all. For us, this is all about providing the information & support you need to confidently resolve your structural issue. You won’t find any jargon in our technical sheets or in our Help & Advice section. There is no question too simple or complex for our experts.
Expert Advice
Quality guaranteed. Integrity restored.

Inspiring Confidence

We only manufacture to the highest standards. Rigorously tested, precision engineered and easy to use, our Easi-Fix products provide the confidence and peace of mind you need when it comes to structural repair.
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Independence matters.

Independent manufacturers

Independence matters. As an independent manufacturer for over 25 years, we make our Easi-Fix range available to all. We are able to deliver cost effective, fully-compliant long-term solutions when and where you need them. We can provide samples so you can experience the quality before purchasing. Guaranteeing fantastic availability on precision engineered products, we make our independence count.
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