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Condensation Control

Learn more about Condensation Control

Permagard sell a range of products designed to reduce condensation and effectively deal with black mould and other related issues. 

What causes condensation?

Condensation occurs where moist air comes into contact with air, or a surface, which is at a lower temperature. Air contains water vapour in varying quantities. Its capacity to do so is related to its temperature - warm air holds more moisture than cold air. When moist air comes into contact with a colder surface, the air condenses some of its moisture onto the surface.

Do I have condensation?

Condensation is generally noticeable where it forms on non-absorbent surfaces (i.e. windows or tiles) but it can form on any surface. It may not be noticed until mould growth begins or you see the material rotting. Read our damp guide for tips on spotting and treating condensation.

Condensation Control Methods & Products

Condensation control can be achieved by various methods. These include simple passive ventilation systems for local condensation control. Our PermaVent passive air vents are designed to be installed in smaller areas and rooms with problem condensation.

We also stock whole flat or house positive input ventilation systems as well as positive pressure systems. These use condensation control units to ventilate the entire house from a central position, displacing and replacing moisture-laden air with fresh filtered air. PIV systems also force contaminates out of the property. Indoor air quality is immediately improved and mould growth is eliminated. You can also look to stop condensation forming on internal surfaces with an anti condensation paint.

As well as taking positive steps to improve ventilation and reduce condensation, you may also need to tackle existing black mould. Our anti-mould products will kill off mould and stop it coming back. We stock anti-mould paints and a handy mould remover kit.

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Permagard offer a range of condensation products to treat the effects of condensation. These include everything from the treatment of fungi and mould to whole house condensation control ventilation systems. If you need help with a specification or have any questions about getting rid of condensation, our technical team are here to help on 0117 982 3282. 

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