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Green Roof Tray Systems

A green roof tray system is the quickest and easiest way to create an attractive and long-lasting sedum roof in your home or garden. Sedum green roofs are beautiful features that offer numerous environmental benefits including reduced stormwater runoff, a home for wildlife and improved air quality. PermaSEAL’s green roof trays are suitable for flat roofs including extensions, garden offices, garages, sheds, bin stores and more.

Each green roof tray is self-contained, with all-in-one drainage, water storage, substrate and healthy hardy sedum grown from seed. The innovative design provides everything needed to ensure your sedum plants grow and thrive for decades, providing greenery with minimal maintenance required. The trays are manufactured from recyclable materials. 

Modular green roof

With a green roof modular tray system, you’re able to quickly install a sedum green roof by simply clicking each tray together to cover your roof area. PermaSEAL Sedum Roof Trays allow you to create a modular green roof on any flat roof. The trays effortlessly slot together, allowing you to quickly achieve a long-lasting sedum green roof in no time at all.

DIY Green Roof Trays

The beauty of green roof trays is how simple they are to install. DIYers don’t need any previous experience or specialist skills. All you need is a flat roof with a primary waterproofing layer and our green roof trays. Most sheds and outbuildings will already have this, but if you require a primary waterproofing layer consider liquid roof coatings such as Polyshield Liquid Roof Membrane or other waterproofing layers such as felt or EPDM. Then you simply place the green roof trays in position.

The fact that the trays are lightweight and relatively small means they can easily be carried and transported by one person, making them the ideal DIY green roof trays. They’re also easily removable if you ever need access to the waterproofing layer.

The sedum used in our green roof trays requires little maintenance or watering (unless in prolonged periods without rain). A good visual indicator is when the plants turn a reddish colour and have become slightly stressed. This is a sign that they need watering until saturation to get them through the dry spell. Made up of 16 different types of seed-grown sedum, each tray ensures healthy, long-lasting plants. 

Whilst we state the sedum trays need little maintenance, we recommend that you scatter our PrePlant fertiliser granules over the area every 6 months. The granules slowly release all the nutrients the sedum requires to maintain its beautiful colour and coverage.

What we love most is how the ease of installation and low maintenance allows everybody to benefit from sedum green roofs. 

Buy Green Roof Trays from Permagard

Our green roof trays are available to buy in individual unit quantities. You can work out square meterage and we will deliver the trays direct to your home for £80 ex VAT. You can also collect for no delivery charge from our Bristol trade counter, just off the M5. 

Our Green Roof Tray range:

Our green roof tray range includes:

  • Sedum Roof Trays
  • Protection Fleece
  • Fertiliser

Permagard - Green Roof Tray Supplier

Permagard is proud to offer  green roof tray systems at an affordable price, allowing people to benefit from low maintenance ready-to-go green roofs. For more information and guidance on your green roof project call our expert team. 

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