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PermaSEAL Plaster Plugs 60mm Bag of 200

80% of 100
£15.00 Ex VAT
£18.00 Inc VAT

High quality 60mm plaster fixing plugs for effective installation of mesh membranes above and below ground. Benefit from maximum grip in a wide range of masonry surfaces!


Plaster Plugs 60mm

Our high quality plaster membrane plugs are designed for the secure internal installation of mesh membranes. They are suitable for securing PermaSEAL membranes to a range of substrates internally, above and below ground.

The plaster membrane fixing plugs are designed with a ribbed shaft, giving them maximum grip in a wide range of masonry surfaces.

These plaster plugs are also versatile. The head of the fixing plug has a preformed key so that it can be used with mesh membranes and renders, or dot and dab plasterboard without debonding. 

For easy installation of these membrane plaster plugs, you may also consider getting a 8mm SDS Drill Bit

Installing Membrane Plaster Plugs

These membrane fixing plugs have been designed with simple installation in mind. Drill a 7 or 8mm (depending on the substrate) hole through the mesh membrane to a minimum depth of 65mm into the substrate. Make sure the drill dust is removed from the hole. 

Next, take a plaster plug and insert the end into the hole. 

These plaster fixing plugs should be used with additional products in order to create an effective watertight seal. You can use our Membrane Plug Sealing Washers. For above ground damp proofing, use mastic to seal behind the plugs before hammering home. When using for below ground waterproofing, you can also wrap PermaSEAL Butyl Rope around the head before hammering home to form a watertight seal.

Once you’ve added the appropriate seal, hammer the plug home with a rubber mallet until the plug is firmly embedded into the substrate. Be careful not to over compress the seal.

PermaSEAL plaster plugs should be fixed at maximum centres of 250mm internally.

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made Possible.

Our plaster fixing plugs are part of our complete PermaSEAL waterproofing system. You can use our PermaSEAL 8 and 20 membranes, and related products safe in the knowledge they meet the highest quality levels.


  • Mesh membrane plaster plugs
  • For use with any PermaSEAL mesh membrane
  • Suitable for above and below ground with PermaSEAL cavity drain membranes and damp proofing membranes
  • Suitable for internal substrates
  • 8mm ribbed shank for added grip into substrate
  • A keyed head for use with renders
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