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Learn more about PermaPROTECT

The PermaPROTECT range is made up of anti mould products that are easy to use and highly effective at treating black mould. Products include anti mould paints and additives, anti condensation coatings and mould remover kits.

Anti Mould products you can trust

All too many homes and properties across the UK are affected by mould. As well as being unattractive, it can ruin your interior decor, damage furniture and negatively impact your health. It’s therefore essential to be able to effectively remove, kill and prevent mould from coming back.

Unfortunately, many mould products out there focus on superficial and short-term fixes. That’s why Permagard have developed our PermaPROTECT range to provide lasting solutions. Across our professional products, we’ve utilised proven biocides for long-term peace of mind.

It’s important to point out that you need to uncover the root cause of mould and deal with it. Ventilation is often key when it comes to reducing condensation and stopping mould. You may also have an underlying building fault that is causing damp and mould.

PermaPROTECT Products

Note: Where required PermaPROTECT products are HSE-approved and conform with COPR (Control of Pesticides Regulations). This provides peace of mind that the contained biocides are approved for use and safely incorporated into our products.

PermaPROTECT - Lasting Solutions. Proven Protection.

At Permagard, we’re committed to providing high performance products to everyone who needs them. PermaPROTECT is no different. We have developed anti mould products that are highly effective, trusted by professionals and provide lasting protection from the impact of mould. Our aim is to provide peace of mind that you and your loved ones are protected.

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