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PowerMaxx2 Battery Back Up Units from PPS

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Reliable battery back up systems from PPS that provide power to V3, V4 and V6 groundwater pumps, along with D10 or 501 foul water pumps, in case of an outage.

Battery Back Up for Basement Pumps 

The Packaged Pump Systems PowerMaxx2 series of Sump Pump Battery Back Up Units provide complete peace of mind to homeowners in case of power outages. If a power cut occurs and the groundwater or foul water pump is activated, it will pull power from the PowerMaxx2 and run until the end of the cycle and then go into standby mode. 

The PowerMaxx2 series of battery back ups has three variants, which are selected according to the model of pump you have.

  • PowerMaxx2 for V3 groundwater pumps - runs two pumps (not simultaneously) without mains power for up to 15 days (depending on number of cycles per day)
  • Hi-PowerMaxx2 for V4 and V6 groundwater pumps - runs pumps for 47 days (based on 10 cycles per day)
  • Hi-PowerMaxx2 XL for D10 and 501 foul water pumps - runs pump for 19 days  (based on 10 cycles per day)

Note: The PowerMaxx2 can operate as a stand alone unit or can be used in conjunction with an AlertMaxx2. The Hi-PowerMaxx2 and Hi-PowerMaxx2 XL can be used in conjunction with a Rego1 as well as an AlertMaxx2.

How the PowerMaxx2 pump battery back up operates 

One or two basement pumps can be directly fed through the Powermaxx2 unit. If a power outage occurs, then the primary pump will draw power from the PowerMaxx2 unit. The PowerMaxx2 unit is charged during normal operation and automatically recharges when mains power returns. Dynamic Polling (DyPol) enables each PowerMaxx2 variant to achieve extended backup times too.

Note: each unit incorporates a compact quick charger to top up the battery from empty in just five hours for the PowerMaxx2 and 25 hours for the Hi-PowerMaxx2

Each unit features a digital display that provides a clear status update along with comprehensive fault codes. An internal log captures and records any critical events that can be remotely accessed when wired to one of the compatible Wi-Fi connected control panels.

SideWinderTech, available on a subscription basis, accesses data from PowerMaxx2 & AlertMaxx2 via Wi-Fi to give 24/7 insights into maintenance requirements and battery life. It can also send phone notifications to up to 5 contacts, along with a monthly health report of your system via email. Contacts can receive notifications of the following events:

  • High level alarm
  • High water occurred
  • Mains power failure
  • Mains power returned
  • High level alarm muted
  • Service reminder
  • Missed data heartbeat

By subscribing to SideWinderTech, you can save money with less requirement for maintenance and servicing.

Benefits of PowerMaxx2 battery back up for sump pumps 

PowerMaxx2 series of battery back ups deliver many benefits to homeowners:

  • Peace of mind that you are protected against power outages 
  • Extended operating times during power outages
  • Intelligent Dynamic Polling (DyPol) feature only provides power when it’s required

Installing a PowerMaxx2 series battery back up unit 

All units in the PowerMaxx2 series are simple to install as they are free standing and can be fitted in any dry ventilated area. As these battery back up units are fitted in the power line, no additional electrical spurs are required. You can also use the configuration mode to ensure correct installation.

Permagard - Providing Solutions. Inspiring Confidence. 

If you have any technical questions about PPS sump pump systems, call our expert team on 0117 982 3282. Browse our full range of basement sump pumps.


  • Powerful range of battery back ups to cover each type of pump
  • Designed for 2 x pumps
  • Extended operating times during power outages
  • Operates in standby mode during a power outage for at least 15 or 100 days, depending on the battery back up model
  • 24 month component guarantee
  • Intelligent Dynamic Polling (DyPol) feature only provides power when it’s required
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