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Dual Pump & Sump from PPS

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Twin pump packaged pump station designed to be used to collect ground water from a cavity drain system via drainage channels or 110mm waste pipe.

PPS Basement Sump with Dual V3, V4 or V6 pumps

The PPS Dual Pump and Sump Station is designed for use below ground in combination with a cavity drain system, drainage channels and/ or modular drainage system to collect and evacuate ground water ingress.

The PPS Dual Pump Station has three pump variants which are selected to deal with the onsite conditions and project demands. 

  • V3 Pumps - suitable for basements requiring a pumping height of up to 3m
  • V4 Pumps - suitable for basements requiring a pumping height of up to 7m
  • V6 Pumps - suitable for basements requiring a pumping height of up to 10m

The supplied HDPE sump chamber is specifically designed to allow easy connection of 110mm inlets via the pre-formed connectors or drainage channels via the flat sides of the chamber.

The V3 chamber comes with 3 x 110mm inlets (see data sheet) whereas the V3.1 only has a single 110mm inlet (see data sheet). The V4 and V6 pumping options come in a slightly deeper chamber to allow for the larger pumps (see data sheets).

The Dual Sump Station is supplied with a pedestrian lid and all internal pipework preglued for ease of installation on site. 

All versions of the Dual Pump Station are suitable for collection and evacuation of ground water in basements with a floor surface of up to 150m² and surface water from a 12m² lightwell.

Note: This Dual V3, V3.1, V4 or V6 pump station cannot be used to collect grey water from sinks, showers or washing machines. For this application we suggest the use of the Foul V3 Pump Station.

Whats included in a PPS Dual Sump Pump System

  • HDPE Chamber - capable of withstanding hydrostatic water pressure
  • Powerful V3, V4 or V6 Pumps - selected on site specific pumping heights
  • Internal pipework - pre glued off site for easy on site installation
  • External outlet - pre connected outlet for waste water
  • Cable inlet - pre connected cable inlet for pump power and optional Alertmaxx 2 alarm switch

Benefits of a PPS Dual Sump Pump

  • Chamber made from robust HDPE
  • Powerful selection of pumps
  • Supplied as kit with all preglued internal pipework
  • Waste water outlet and cable inlet pre installed onto the sump

Dual V6 Pump Station for flood resilience

The Dual V6 pumping option can be used in a cavity drain flood resilience system, safely dealing with high volumes of flood water and protecting your possessions and property. This can also be combined with Hi-PowerMaxx battery backup and additional batteries to offer further protection for the homeowner.

Installing a dual V3 sump pump system

The sump chamber should sit on a concrete base and receive all inlets from your perimeter drainage system as well as:

  • 32mm discharge pipe to connect to the gravity drain
  • 50mm cable duct for electrics & control cabling  

The sump chamber needs to be set in place with concrete. Fill the sump chamber with water first in order to prevent buoyancy when pouring the concrete. You want to ensure that the top of the sump is level with the structural slab or no deeper than 500mm from the final finishes.

A double sealed cover is recommended to complete installation and compliment the general floor finish (not supplied).

NOTE: This Dual Pump Sump Systems needs to be accessible for service so carefully consider its location within your design.

For more information on sump pump systems, read our guide to sump pump installation.


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If you have any technical questions about PPS dual sump pump systems, call our expert team on 0117 982 3282. Find out more about PPS Pumps or browse our full range of basement sump pumps.


  • Chamber made from robust HDPE
  • Powerful range of pumps for every application
  • Supplied as kit with all preglued internal pipework
  • Waste Water outlet and cable inlet pre installed onto the sump
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