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Single Sided DPM Tape - 75mm x 33m

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A single-sided 75mm DPM jointing tape for sealing over the face of joints. Suitable for jointing DPMs in conjunction with Radbar Double Sided Tape.

Single-Sided DPM Jointing Tape

Single Sided DPM Tape is an adhesive jointing tape designed for sealing over the face of DPM joints. This must be used alongside Radbar Double Sided Tape to fully bond DPMs. The main purpose of the single sided tape is to seal down the flap of DPM that is left after the double sided tape has been positioned between two sections of DPM. This stops the potential for any screed to sit between the two sections of DPM and cause issues. The Radbar Double Sided Tape creates the actual damp proof seal.

Uses of Single-Sided DPM Tape

This single-sided DPM jointing tape is used for overlap joints between sections of DPM. It can also be used when bonding DPM to DPCs at junctions with internal and external walls.


  • High quality bonding tape with proven performance
  • Very low moisture vapour transmission rate
  • Lasts lifetime of the building