WP RH Rapid / Water Stop 15kg

A rapid setting water plug for stopping water inrushes and leakages within seconds.

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Cementitious Water Plug - 15kg

Water Stop is a rapid setting cementitious water plug. It is designed for dealing with leaks and water inrushes in concrete and masonry. It can also be used to deal with seepage areas in cellars, tunnels and shafts and for sewer construction.   

How a Water Plug Works

At room temperatures, Water Stop reacts immediately with water. In the space of 15-20 seconds, it sets hard to form a 'plug' of mortar which dries without shrinking. The product is designed for use with concrete and masonry work. It is water impermeable and frost resistant after thorough drying and hardening. 

If you have a leak in a floor or wall, just press a small amount of this cementitious water stop in a gloved hand into the weeping crack, hole or leak and it sets to a hard plug which will resist water leaks for many hours/days. This is long enough to apply a permanent waterproof slurry over the top.
On its own it is a temporary water plug, designed to be overcoated with a permanent tanking layer such as Sulfatex Grout.

How to use Water Stop

▪ For quickly sealing cracks, horizontal and construction joints: chisel out cracks or joints at least 3 cm deep and widen wedge shaped towards the inside. Mix 4 parts Waterstop and 1 part water and immediately press into the chiselled out area. In case of particularly strong running or seepage areas, use relief tubes.

▪ Seepage areas can be chiselled out as described above and sealed with Water Stop in powder form using the water that seeps in as mixing water. Remember to wear protective gloves. 


  • Rapid setting to stop leaks within seconds
  • Water impermeable
  • Frost resistant
Model: 0000101015
Manufacturer: Remmers
Packaging: individually
Size: 15 bucket
Dilution: Can be applied as powder or mixed 1 part water with 3 parts powder
Coverage: N/A
Country of Manufacture: Germany

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