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PermaSEAL PRO DPC Cream 1 litre - Cartridge or Kit

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Install a new chemical DPC efficiently, economically and at scale with our 5 litre buckets and kits! Ideal for larger rising damp projects. Please Note: The kit option includes 5 x 1 litre cartridges of PermaSEAL PRO Cream as standard.

DPC Cream 1 Litre Cartridges

PermaSEAL PRO DPC Injection cream provides permanent protection against rising damp with 80% active ingredients (silane). These 1 litre cartridges of high strength cream are ideal for larger projects. It is suitable for chemical DPC installation in walls of various types, including substrates with high saturation levels.

With deep penetration and minimal mess, our high-performance DPC cream forms a reliable horizontal barrier to block water and ground salts. The injection cream is available either as individual cartridges or as a convenient kit.

1 litre Cartridge DPC Injection Kit contents

We’ve made our 1 litre DPC Cartridges available as part of a kit with everything you need to install a new chemical DPC for larger projects, including:

  • 5 x 1 Litre PermaSEAL PRO High Strength DPC Injection Cream Cartridge
  • 1 x 1 Litre Cartridge Application Gun
  • 1 x 1 Litre Cartridge Nozzle and Lance
  • 1 x 12mm x 300mm SDS Drill Bit

5 Litres of PermaSEAL PRO DPC Cream will cover approximately 50 linear metres of single skin (110mm, 4.5") brickwork or 25 linear metres of double skin (220mm, 9") brickwork.

Using our 1 litre DPC injection cartridges

PermaSEAL PRO Injection Cream is quick and easy to install, with minimal mess.

  • Locate a mortar joint at least 150mm above external ground level. In case of solid floors, insert the damp proof course as close to the internal floor level as possible. The internal and external DPC levels must be at the same height.
  • Once you’ve selected the mortar joint, drill 12mm diameter holes horizontally in the mortar bed at centres no greater than 120mm. The depth of the hole required should be 20mm less than the wall thickness e.g. if the wall is 115mm thick then drill a 12mm hole to a depth of 95mm.
  • Vacuum the dust from the holes.
  • Prepare your PermaSEAL PRO DPC Cartridge by screwing on the 1 litre cartridge nozzle and lance attachment (available in the kit or separately) to the cartridge. Load the cartridge into the special 1 litre cartridge applicator gun.
  • Slowly pull the trigger and inject the DPC Cream into each hole, put the lance into the back of the hole and inject slowly. Withdraw the lance as the cream fills the hole. Stop approximately 10mm from the outside edge of the hole.
  • As soon as possible, plug the remaining 10mm hole with mortar or insert a DPC Injection Plug. Closing off the surface of the hole will aid the dissipation of the actives along the mortar course.

With all Damp Proof Course injections, you need to re-plaster salt-contaminated walls strictly adhering to specification. Please ask for our recommended re-plastering spec or refer to our guide to re-rendering after DPC installation.

Refer to the datasheet for more detailed installation instructions along with application rates and requirements.

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made Possible.

Our PermaSEAL PRO DPC Cream range is the go-to solution for rising damp in masonry. Our DPC kits represent the ultimate in convenience and value for professionals tackling larger jobs. If you have any questions about your next project call our technical team today.

Read our complete guide to treating rising damp or browse our full range of damp proof creams and rising damp treatment products.


  • 5 x 1 litre covers approximately 50 linear metres in a single brick wall
  • Simple installation with minimal mess - low pressure injection method ensures correct dosage and less chance of spillage
  • Highest possible concentration of active ingredients (80% silane) to ensure high performance
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