Liquid Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane 2.5kg
Liquid Epoxy DPM is a two-component, solvent free, low odour epoxy resin membrane that is tolerant of residual moisture in concrete floors.


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Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane

Liquid Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane is a two-component, solvent free, low odour epoxy resin membrane that is tolerant of residual moisture in concrete floors. This enables earlier access onto the floor for the application of screeds, coatings and other floor coverings including tiles, vinyl, wood and carpets. It has good chemical resistance to mild chemical attack but is designed to be over-coated with other resin finishes.

Liquid Epoxy Membranes can be used on concrete floors and fine concrete screeds, of no less than 50mm thick in the case of un-bonded screeds. The surface should be of sufficient quality and mechanical strength to ensure an even coating.

The product can also be applied to polymers, screeds and certain types of smoothing under-layments, provided these are well bonded. These under-layments must be stable to the effects of water. If not then the concrete floor must contain an integral damp proof membrane to prevent further ingress of water from the ground.

Where the product is laid onto a concrete surface where there is no damp poof membrane or where damage may have rendered the damp proof membrane ineffective, you should give due consideration to the possible presence of hydrostatic pressure and the consequences of creating a barrier layer resulting in the pressure/water flow being directed elsewhere.


Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane is always installed in a minimum of two coats 24 - 36 hours apart. For floors with a high RH Reading above 92% three coats are required. Once mixed the product has a usable life of approximately 30 minutes depending on site conditions. Past this point the product cannot be used for further coats.

Liquid Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane dries clear, if you require a coloured finish we recommend 2 coats of Epoxy Resin Floor Coating after Liquid Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane has been installed.

If you wish to lay tiles or adhere any further coatings including self leveling compounds on top of this coating we advise that you blind the final coat of Liquid Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane with Fine Quartz Aggregate 30 minutes after laying the coat to provide a key for the tile adhesive or grout to bond to.


  • Fast Cure
  • Easy application
  • Application onto substrates with hygrometer readings up to 97%
  • Solvent free
  • Low odour
  • Excellent adhesion
Model: ERDPM2
Manufacturer: Permagard
Packaging: Individually
Size: 2.5 kilos
Dilution: mix the two supplied components
Coverage: up to 10m² per 2.5 kilos per coat (minimum of 2 required)
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom

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