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PermaSEAL Foul Sump Station

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A specialist foul water pumping system designed for removing sewage from basements in domestic situations.

Foul Water Pumping System

The PermaSEAL Foul Pump is an effective way of moving sewage water to where it needs to be. As a high quality foul water pumping system, it allows you to move foul and sewage water either horizontally or upwards, or remove it altogether. 

The foul sump has a depth of 1 metre and the high quality sewage pump can comfortably discharge to a head height of 10 metres. Optimal range would be up to a 5 metre head.

How the foul pump works?

The HPDE sump chamber collects the foul water. When required the single pump kicks in and moves the foul water from the chamber towards the mains sewer or a larger chamber. This gives homeowners peace of mind that they are protected. 

Whats in the box?

  • Sump Chamber 1000 x 600mm
  • Locked & sealed lid and frame supplied
  • High Water Level Alarm - Foul
  • High quality cutter sewage pump - incorporating a tungsten carbide tipped cutting impeller
  • 2 x 50 mm wall flanges ready for conduit.
  • 1 x 110 mm invert flange with hole cutter included.
  • Internal pipework including non return valve 

Uses of the foul water sump

This mini sewage pumping station with a single pump is suitable for domestic applications.

The PermaSEAL Foul Sump System is ideally suited for when waste water needs to be pumped to the mains sewer or a larger chamber. This can be when a house is below the height of the main sewer system or when a connection to the main sewer is too difficult.

Important note: When used for sewage, this foul pumping system does not provide 24 hour storage capabilities. This means it can’t deal with all of a household’s sewage. You should consider a ‘whole house’ pumping system as an alternative.

Installing a sewage pump

  1. Start by making sure that the sump is clean before installing. Also, take measures to protect the foul sump from dust and debris during installation.
  2. Locate a suitable location for the foul sump chamber
  3. Make sure the sump lid is accessible when all of the finishing works are complete. Check that any planned stud and block walls don’t interfere with access.
  4. Dig a hole for the foul sump chamber. The hole should be at least 300mm larger in diameter than the sump chamber. This is so that concrete can surround the chamber and prevent flotation.
  5. Place the sump chamber into the hole you’ve excavated and line it up for discharge pipework. Make sure it’s level before pouring in the concrete.
  6. Add concrete - the foul sump chamber needs to be surrounded by a minimum of 150mm of concrete to prevent flotation.Connect all required pipework and cabling (the power, alarm and control cables)
  7. Pipework - you will need a vent pipe to replace water with air after its been removed by the pumps. 

TIP: Add the concrete in stages and add corresponding amounts of water to the chamber.

Foul Sump Maintenance 

The efficiency of the foul sump system can be improved and its lifespan extended with regular care and maintenance. 

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made possible. 

If you have any questions around installing a foul sump pump or how to deal with groundwater and sewage contact our expert team on 0117 9823282. Permagard stock a wide range of sump pumps to meet your specific needs. Explore our sump pump systems.


  • Includes a high quality sewage pump, where the cutter impeller cuts the waste, resulting in less blockages.
  • Check, shut-off valves & release couplings included along with all internal pipework and fittings
  • 1 x 110 mm invert flange with hole cutter included.
  • Flotation prevention with large foot to base of chamber.
  • Supplied with locked & sealed lid and frame.
  • High Level Alarm Supplied
  • 2 x 50 mm wall flanges ready for conduit.
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