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PermaSEAL Foul Sump Station

£831.25 Ex VAT
£997.50 Inc VAT

A specialist foul water pumping system designed for removing sewage from basements in domestic situations.

Foul Water Pumping System

The PermaSEAL Foul Pump is an effective way of moving sewage water to where it needs to be. As a high quality foul water pumping system, it allows you to move foul and sewage water either horizontally or upwards, or remove it altogether. 

The foul sump has a depth of 800mm and the high quality sewage pump can comfortably discharge to a head height of 6 metres. Optimal range would be up to a 5.5 metre head pumping at a volume of 4 litres per second. (This will depend on pipe work to exit point).

How the foul pump works?

The HPDE sump chamber collects the foul water. When required the single pump kicks in and moves the foul water from the chamber towards the mains sewer or a larger storage chamber. This gives homeowners peace of mind that they are protected. 

Whats in the box?

  • HDPE Sump Chamber 800mm x 1000mmm (inc inlet points)
  • High quality D10SA foul vortex sewage pump
  • Internal pipework including non return valve 

Uses of the foul water sump

This sewage pumping station with a single pump is suitable for domestic basement applications where grey water or sewage needs to be pumped vertically or horizontally from the basement or subterranean space to the main sewer or larger collection chamber.

Important note: When used for sewage, this foul pumping system does not provide 24 hour storage capabilities. This means it can’t deal with all of a household’s sewage. You should consider a ‘whole house’ pumping system as an alternative.

Optional Alertmaxx 2 Foul High Water Level Alarm

A highly intelligent and fully compatible high water level alarm. It is designed to alert homeowners when the water level in their foul sump station becomes too high and there is a risk of flooding. It also offers a number of other highly innovative and specialist features.

For further information on this highly sophisticated Foul high water level alarm please see the product page here.

Note: We are offing an exclusive price on this alarm system when purchased in combination with our foul sump system. This offer is not available seperately.

Installing a sewage pump

The chamber is sited on a concrete base, inlets in the form of 110mm pipework are connected into the chamber, a 50mm discharge pipe connects to the gravity drain and a 50mm cable duct to bring electrics from the chamber into a dry environment. The chamber is vented via a 50mm duct to the same standard as a traditional SVP. An air admittance or ‘durgo’ type valve should not be used.

The chamber is filled with water to prevent buoyancy and is surrounded with concrete. A simple rule of thumb is that the top of the chamber should be level with the structural slab or no deeper than 500mm from the final finishes. The installation is completed with a double sealed cover supplied by the contractor to tie in with the general floor finish. Remember this product needs to be accessed for service so care should be taken with the location.

Note: For more information on sewage sump pump systems, read our guide to foul sump pump installation.

TIP: Add the concrete in stages and add corresponding amounts of water to the chamber.

Foul Sump Maintenance 

The efficiency of the foul sump system can be improved and its lifespan extended with regular care and maintenance. 

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made possible. 

If you have any questions around installing a foul sump pump or how to deal with groundwater and sewage contact our expert team on 0117 9823282. Permagard stock a wide range of sump pumps to meet your specific needs. Explore our sump pump systems.


  • Includes a high quality vortex sewage pump
  • Pre-glued internal pipework, fittings and non return valve
  • 1 x 50mm outlet point pre-fitted for ease of installation
  • 1 x 50mm cable inlet pre-fitted for ease of installation
  • 1 x 50mm air duct inlet pre-fitterd for ease of use
  • Fully compatible with Alertmaxx alarm system for sump monitoring
  • Sump design allows for easy 3 x 110mm connections
  • Requires a double sealed cover supplied by the contractor
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